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On 1/28/2022 at 8:17 AM, Ryan. said:

I'm guessing the amount of people looking to dump their collections on a dealer, instead of just selling the collection themselves, has drastically reduced over the last two years.

I think this is very valid, especially with the higher priced books. I may not want to sell my whole collection myself, but for the top 100-200 books, I might try it myself to try and maximize my return (when that day comes).

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On 1/27/2022 at 5:48 AM, (G-G © ® ™) Paul said:

I have to say it's a nightmare. Always gave up in the past.

A little investment in a decent interface would yield massive results in sales....just sayin'. :shy:

I totally agree. It's frustrating because I know that the inventory is probably expansive but nobody should have to work this hard to find out. Or maybe it's on purpose hm to keep out the new collectors? 

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On 4/25/2021 at 6:03 PM, innocuous said:

Note: this list is cross-posted in both SA/GA forum.

I had a few small updates to the list from the thread in General. Here is the consolidated list of all the links I found in the GA/SA threads. 

Status Name Homepage URL
Active Age of Comics
Active Amazing Comics
Active Bedrock City
Active Blue Grass Comics
Active Bunky Brothers
Active Cloud9 comics
Active Comic Heaven
Active Comicana Direct
Active ComicConnect
Active ComicLink
Active Dale Roberts
Active Dave & Adams
Active Detective 27 / New Force
Active Doug Sulipa's Comic World
Active DTA Collectibles
Active Ebay
Active Four Color Comics
Active Gary Dolgoff Comics
Active Go Antiques
Active Golden Age Comics
Active Graham Crackers
Active Great Escape
Active Hakes
Active Harley Yee Rare Comics
Active Heritage
Active High Grade Comics
Active House of Comics
Active Incognito Comics
Active James Payette
Active Jeff Hindsd Comics
Active Krypton Comics
Active Lee's Comics
Active Metropolis Comics
Active Midtown Comics
Active Mile High Comics
Active Million Comics
Active My Comic Shop
Active My Vintage Comics
Active Nostalgia Zone
Active Pedigree Comics
Active Pristine Comics
Active Quality Comics
Active Reeces Rare Comics
Active Silver Age Comics
Active Southern California Comics
Active Superworld Comics
Active Terry's Comics
Active Timeless Icons
Active Tomorrow's Treasures
Active Worldwide Comics
Defunct Art of Comics
Defunct Best in Comics
Defunct Big Guy Comics
Defunct BLB Comics
Defunct Buying and Selling Comics
Defunct Capital Comics
Defunct Century Comics
Defunct Collectors Assemble
Defunct Collectors Cave
Defunct Collectors Ink
Defunct Colmore Comics
Defunct Comic Book Goldmine
Defunct Comic Book Warehouse
Defunct Comic Cavalcade
Defunct Comic Collector Shop
Defunct Comic Collectors
Defunct Comic Supply
Defunct Comic Vendor
Defunct Comicana
Defunct Comicopolis
Defunct Diamond Galleries
Defunct Ed Kalb Comics
Defunct Five Star Collectiblese
Defunct Funny Comics
Defunct Goblins Den
Defunct Gold Comics
Defunct Gold Dust Comics
Defunct Golden Age Comix
Defunct HooHah Collectibles
Defunct House of Geek
Defunct Investment Collectibles
Defunct Jim Payette
Defunct JK Comics
Defunct Mastro Auctions
Defunct Pacific Comic Exchange
Defunct Philadelphia Comic Company
Defunct Pop Culture Sales
Defunct QA Comics
Defunct Quasar Comics
Defunct Quicksilver Comics
Defunct Red Beards
Defunct Silver Acre Comics
Defunct Silver Age Comic Books
Defunct The Comic Guys
Defunct The Yarner
Defunct Tom Kalb Comics
Defunct Tropic Comics
Defunct Vault Auctions
Defunct Vintage Comics
Defunct Vintage Stuff
Inactive All Star Auctions
Inactive Arch Angels
Inactive Columbia Comics
Inactive Comic Biz
Inactive Esquire Comics
Inactive Fantsy Comics
Inactive Jason Bardyla
Inactive JMH John Hauser
Inactive New Force Comics
Inactive PGC Mint
Inactive Reynold Jays Comics
Inactive TV Comics
Inactive Vermont Comics
Inactive Vintage Collectiblese

While only about a year since launch, my online store can be added to the GA/SA dealer list:

Site Link: Bedo's Collectibles

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  • Administrator
On 8/27/2022 at 10:30 AM, O'Bug said:

If we sell Golden Age comics is it ok to post our link here?

I see other people have so, I will allow it.  The only other place that is appropriate would be the dealers forum.

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Hello. I’m not a dealer, but I recently inherited some books and I just listed the last one on eBay. Wasn’t my first choice but I’ve been on that site for 20 years and that’ll probably help make the transaction less worrisome.

Anyway the issue is this Catman 28 5.5. Only 11 graded higher. 

If ebay doesn’t work, I guess Heritage is a good option? Most of my collection is from the last 40 years so this is my first time dealing with Golden Age goodies. 




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On 1/25/2023 at 7:38 PM, Kerdese said:

If ebay doesn’t work, I guess Heritage is a good option? Most of my collection is from the last 40 years so this is my first time dealing with Golden Age goodies.


You can always try Shortboxed. Lots of GA stuff for sale on there.

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On 1/25/2023 at 4:38 PM, Kerdese said:


If ebay doesn’t work, I guess Heritage is a good option?




I was told by an H.A. rep who is a member here, that they need to see at least 5 grand in goods before they'll accept them for auction.

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