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Randall Dowling's Incredible Warren Magazine Sale! Now CLOSED.
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Hello again to all the connoisseurs of quality vintage publications!

The usual rules for this thread apply:

-No HoS or Probation list buyers

-No buyers that I have on ignore (you probably know who you are but if you're not sure, I'll let you know)

-I will ship to Canada but will have to quote shipping options.

-Payments:  Venmo or Zelle preferred, Paypal accepted.

-Shipping via USPS Priority for $13 for the continental United States.  Shipping for Canada will be quoted.

-First :takeit: in the thread wins and prevails over pm offers

-Returns accepted for 14 days after delivery

Feel free to pm with offer or questions.  I'm always open to reasonable package offers. 

My Kudos thread is here for those that don't know me:

Thanks for looking!

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20% off
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I'd like to say from the outset, nearly all of these books (that are not 9.4-9.6) have improvable flaws. I was thinking about having them addressed but life is keeping me too busy for that.

I'm going to run this a little differently. In addition to the usual rules listed above, let's work with these additional incentives.

  • Buy 5-7 books, take 10% off
  • Buy 8-9 books, take 15% off
  • Buy 10 books, take 20% off

Free books do not count toward this discount. If I list a lot with multiple books, that counts as one for the above calculation.

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Recap of Remaining Books (all are currently 20% off except for lot 112):

Page 1:

  • 6. Creepy 111, NM+ 9.6 (Bone white pages, nearly perfect in every way), $60
  • 7. Creepy 100, NM- 9.0-9.2, $40
  • 12. Creepy 61, NM 9.4, Gorgeous Sanjulian cover.  Tough in high grade due to the black cover.  $80

Page 2:

  • 18. Creepy 46, VF+ 8.5-9.0, Glossy, full color cover. Another notoriously tough book in grade due to it's black cover and low distribution. $80
  • 19. Creepy 34, NM- 9.0-9.2, Glossy, fresh, clean copy. Cool cover by Ken Barr. $50
  • 31. Creepy (Spanish) 51, VF/NM 9.0, Classic Creepshow cover. Nice, fresh copy with full gloss. $50
  • 32. Creepy (Spanish) 34, VF- 7.5, Nice and glossy copy of this cool Wrightson cover. One of the nice things about these Spanish issues of Creepy is that the cover stock is much better than US books. $40

Page 3:

  • 35. Eerie 122 (Canadian), 9.2-9.4. Pretty book with great gloss and fresh colors. $30
  • 39. Eerie 82 VF/NM 9.0 Jerry Weist Collection, First appearance of The Rook.  $25

Page 4:

  • 42. Eerie 63, NM- 9.2-9.4, Tough black cover by Sanjulian. Glossy book with minor wear on the spine. $50 Sold to JRBaxter @ 20% off
  • 43. Eerie 61, NM- 9.2, $30
  • 46. Eerie 54, NM 9.2-9.4, One of the toughest Warren magazine in high grade. The black cover is incredibly unforgiving. And it's a very cool cover by Sanjulian. $80 Sold to JRBaxter @ 20% off
  • 47. Eerie 47 NM- 9.0-9.2 Jerry Weist Collection, $30 Sold to JRBaxter @ 20% off
  • 48. Eerie 41, NM- 9.2-9.4, Glossy, fresh copy of this absolute classic by Sanjulian. $140 Sold to JRBaxter @ 20% off
  • 50. Eerie 38, VF/NM 9.0, Classic Ken Kelly Snake cover. $70

Page 5:

  • 53. Eerie 33, NM- 9.2, Tough black cover that has some stacking impressions, only visible on the oblique. Otherwise, a very pretty copy. $90
  • 54. Eerie 29, NM 9.4, Classic cover by Ken Kelly with excellent gloss and luster. $110
  • 55. Eerie 27, NM 9.4, Gorgeous copy of a classic cover by Jones/Bode. $140
  • 57. Eerie 20, NM- 9.2, Plus Tax, $50
  • 61. Eerie 10, NM+ 9.6 or better, Beautiful crisp copy that looks pristine. Amazing white cover by Gray Morrow. $150
  • 62. Eerie 9, NM+ 9.6, As fresh as they come with bone white pages. Along with the cover by Dan Adkins, this book features a stunning line up of interior art including stories by Neal Adams and Steve Ditko. $200
  • 65. Famous Monsters 92, NM- 9.2, Beautiful white cover with fresh gloss and a tough black back cover that has just a very subtle bend on one corner (non-color breaking, not visible in scan). Bela Lugosi's dead, but not forgotten! $80
  • 67. Famous Monsters 87, NM- 9.2, Pretty copy with great color and luster. $70
  • 68. Spirit 16, NM+ 9.6 or better, Stunning, pristine copy with full color and gloss. Exceptionally difficult book in high grade for this final issue. $70
  • 69. Spirit 8, NM 9.2-9.4 (would grade 9.6 or better except for the staple on the back cover, common to Warrens of the time), Glossy and fresh on this classic cover of the run. Cover art by Will Eisner and Ken Kelly. $40

Page 6:

  • 70. Spirit 1, NM+ 9.4-9.6, A superior copy that looks like it was just printed. Will Eisner will always be the man and Jim Warren did an excellent thing reviving The Spirit in the 70s. Tough to find a better copy. Cover art by the amazing Basil Gogos. $100
  • 72. Vampirella Special (HC, Spanish), VF- 7.5, This is the Spanish version of the extremely hard to find hardcover Vampirella Special. The same as the US version except text in Spanish. $300 Sold to JRBaxter @ 20% off
  • 74. Vampirella 112, NM 9.4, Clean, glossy cover with full color on a tough white cover. Last issue by Warren. $200
  • 79. Vampirella 86, NM+ 9.6+, Just like the day it was printed, this book has full gloss and color. $120
  • 80. Vampirella 78, NM 9.4, Although I've seen slabbed 9.6s with the same thing, I'm grading this lower because of the staple impressions on the back cover. A stunning copy of this classic Barbara Leigh Photo cover. $80 Sold to dover

Page 7:

  • 91. Vampirella 43, NM 9.2-9.4, Fresh looking copy with full color and gloss. Tough issue due to the black cover and cover stock. $70

Page 8:

  • 92. Vampirella 42, NM 9.4, Fresh, glossy, with excellent color and luster. $80

Page 9:

  • 102. Vampirella 20, NM- 9.2-9.4, Very pretty book but slight rubbing on the back keeps it from grading higher. $90
  • 103. Vampirella 17, NM- 9.2-9.4, Beautiful book with just a couple small indentations on the front cover (not visible in scan) and very light surface wear on the back. Always loved the Egyptian theme to this cover.  $120
  • 104. Vampirella 16, NM 9.2, Nice glossy book with excellent color. Just a little bit of surface wear. 1st Full Dracula. $140
  • 105. Vampirella 15, VF/NM 9.0, Nice book with excellent gloss and color but a very slight bump at the bottom of the spine.  Tough black cover shows everything. $120
  • 108. Vampirella 10, NM- 9.2-9.4, Pretty copy with just some minor surface indentation. Otherwise, bright and clean. $150
  • 111. Vampirella 3, NM 9.2-9.4, Very clean and bright copy with just some surface indentation (not visible in scan). Low Distribution. $520

Page 10:

  • 112. Vampirella 1, VF/NM 8.5-9.0, $1900 Sold to JRBaxter
Edited by Randall Dowling
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1.  Creepy 142, VF/NM 9.0, Exceptionally tough book (especially in grade) toward the end of the run. Just a few non-color breaking issues on this copy keep it from grading higher. Nice cover by Courtney. $40 Sold to ThothAmon






Edited by Randall Dowling
Sold to ThothAmon
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4. Creepy 113, NM- 9.2. A beautiful copy with only some very subtle bends that keep it from grading higher (not visible from scan, would disappear with a press). Classic all Wrightson issue. $60 Sold to Strange Trip





Edited by Randall Dowling
Sold to Strange Trip
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14. Creepy 55, VF/NM 9.0-9.2, Exceptionally difficult book in high grade. Even more so with the poster included (which this copy has, many don't). Black cover is very unforgiving. Slight back cover rubbing keeps it from higher grades. $90 Sold to MyNameIsLegion per PM





Edited by Randall Dowling
Sold to MyNameIsLegion per PM
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