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Original art page for House of Mystery 195. Aside from being my favorite Bernie Wrightson cover, this issue contained a story called "Things Old, Things Forgotten" which has multiple panels of the Moss Beings. These creatures were drawn and created prior to House of Secrets 92, but not used until months after. That's why this issue is notated "Swamp Thing Prototype". Just got this piece in and I'm overjoyed to own such a cool piece of comic history by The Master of the Macabre. Enjoy.1793289407_lf(1)(22).thumb.jpeg.ff3453120c5cbeb8db2503096ee28c55.jpeg

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Been a hot minute y'all... 

First up, Conan 212 Page 2

Picked this up through Comic Art Live.  To be honest, when I consulted with my Wise Man on the boards and all things art, I was unsure if the deal would go through since it seems low.  This was my first Conan page. 



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Also from Comic Art Live Tales from Reverie Volume 2.

The art was used as the cover to this book as well as an interior splash.  I saw it and instantly fell for the Narnia / Oz vibe.   There was enough going on that I really started to study everything that was inserted into this piece.  For $90 shipped?  Hey, what the heck.  I liked it. 



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Heritage offered this Tony Daniel Joker Sketch which I won at a fraction of what Tony Daniel charges for sketches.  I mean, come on... As Romitaman would say on a Wednesday night, "Get outta here."

I liked this sketch as it depicts the Joker looking all businesslike with his hair slicked back but with a terribly menacing look on his face. 



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Those that know me, know I love my GI Joe art.  I am pretty sure that this was once offered to me at a price I turned down.  It came through on Heritage at a price that was far more agreeable. It might be from a later issue of the series when Marvel was looking to amp up the superhero nature of the series which would later lead to Hasbro cancelling the entire line, comic series and all to produce Sgt Savage and GI Joe Extreme, but the page features two of the more popular Joes, Roadblock and Tunnel Rat.  Buying GI Joe art for me has always been about the characters and not the artists.  I would much prefer to have a Phil Gosier Roadblock and Tunnel Rat page like this than a Zeck drawing of a Toxo Viper or some Z list background character. 



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On 12/19/2022 at 4:21 PM, Buzzetta said:

Last but not least.  This is the page that I picked up to end 2022.  I promised myself that I would be done with the Joe page.  Then I saw this become available.  The original pencils for many of the early Mickey Mouse shorts have been lost over time.   This Depression Era animation of Mickey as Santa Claus from Mickey's Good Deed is really struck me.   Here you had Mickey Mouse in the second Disney Christmas short (released on 1932-12-17), in a cartoon where Walt voiced the character in what is really a 'cute' cartoon in Mickey's fourth year of existence.

When it comes to comic art these days, there are many that debate what the "real artwork" is since many artists are now inking over blue line scans of original pencils.  This has been a debate for animation collectors for years.  The pencils were the only pieces of artwork produced by the actual artists.  These pencils then had a nitrate cel placed over them where they were traced from the front in black ink and then painted from behind.  Artists like Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas and Ward Kimball did not ink or paint their work.  So... I chase pencils in many cases as I find them easier to store and maintain and this is the source of the work.  

Here we have my latest acquisition and it is currently en route.  This one really made me smile. 

It all stated with a mouse. 

Heritage is shipping it matted, and I will figure out what to do with it from there. 




That's a cool piece of Disney history - and never knew that about the cels, but makes sense!

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Happy to add 6 pages of early Brother Voodoo from the mid-70's from Tales of the Zombie final issue. 

detailed scans here: Brother Voodoo Gallery


also added a nice Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu half-splash from the same era featuring Shang-Chi

Hi Rez scan here: Deadly Hands (and feet!)


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