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Blatant and Obvious Ebay Shill

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On Sept.22nd, a Spiderman 3 in CGC blue VF+ 8.5 (and a HIGH end 8.5 at that), item #714282881 auctioned at $2150.00

NOW, there's a Spiderman 3 in CGC blue F/VF 7.0 that even though you can barely discern detail from the small scan, you can still see defects and rounded corners indicative of fine to fine+ books, item #718616354, has already acheived a high bid of $1525 with over FOUR HOURS TO GO!! Anyone ever HEAR of a #3 in F/VF going for more than $1200??? What happened? Mid to mid-high grade books are HOT now? When did that happen? In THAT case, EVERYTHING F to F/VF on Ebay should be HOT as a pistol!!! 41 bids? The 8.5 only received 16.

The seller is located in Germany, from his feedback, DOES NOT SELL COMICS on any type of regular basis, has 2 negatives, and there's TWO low feedback bidders who DON'T buy comics, vying for this book, pushing the bid higher and higher???? YEAH!!!! I believe it.

What a coincidence, so obvious a shill and floor show auction on the same book in the same grade I auctioned the SAME week, unslabbed. How high are you guys going to let it go, $3000? Why not, what the hell? You've already pushed WAY beyond the realm of believability.

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I will never understand what's so difficult about posting a link. it smooths the path to conversation


Anyway, it definitely does look like silvermarvel got taken for a ride. If you look at the bids, his bid on Sep-28-02 19:32:47 PDT took the auction pretty deep. It'll be interesting to see what that number is once the smoke clears...



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