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PGM FF #26

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Are those creases under Torch's flame on the bottom left corner.


If they're not creases then I'd say 9.0.


They are the gentle imprints of fairy wings . . . get a life King stooges.gif


Fairy wings?!? That's an idea for a pedigree! "The Fairy collection". 27_laughing.gifyeahok.gif

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looks like you have about a 4 inch diagonal crease in the bottom right half of front cover that doesn't break the color except where it passes through the girder of the building -is this the case? If so it's certainly less than a 9.0!

No Crease, but what looks to be a light impression. It's as if someone ran a sharp object accross a piece of paper that was on top of the book and the the mark transfered to the comic.


well at least you can feel confident it hasn't been pressed! Very nice copy by the way for the most part sharper than my copy which is actually quite nice! congrats! thumbsup2.gif

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