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PGM Nightmare # MAG first ever post (scan)

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Please grade this mag for me...this is the first time I have posted a scan...

I have had this laying around for 23 years, was 6 inches away from a pile of comic buyers guides that the cat was sharpening it's claws on.. 893whatthe.gif





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It looks like a solid 6.5 Fine+ ...though how do the staples look? That part of the spine is cut off in your scan.


These Skywald Magazines were notorious for having weak paper at the spine area resulting in tears near the staples even after a couple uncareful cover openings.


If the tears are there then it is most likely a 6.0 FN, if the staples are actually tight with no tearing there, then I would push the grade up to a 7.0 FN/VF because it's quite uncommon with these particular mags to get them like that.


Hope that helps!



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