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Buttock... nice books all!!!!


Those GI Combat Greytones are just the best... I love them to pieces! Some, unfortunately, are sooooo hard to find. I have actually had a really hard time finding copies of 98 and 99 that grade better than FN. 96 and 97 seem to be more common.... it's strange.


Russ Heath was totally on his game then. And the coloring is just spectacular.


Nice gets,


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Well, I'm glad that I stumbled upon this thread! Nice books people! Gotta wipe the drool off my shirt now. 27_laughing.gif There is NOTHING like DC war!


G.I. Combat washtones are the absolute best covers! I've got nearly all of them and they are certainly, for me, the most fun to look at.


If I ever get myself composed, I'll post lots and lots of books. Hahah, don't see that happening any time soon, though.



Thanks guys, for posting those fantastic books.



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Again Karma, nice pick up. thumbsup2.gif I love that story, actually. I just picked myself up another copy of that book as well.


I just got back from the Toronto ComiCon yesterday.....ughh! sleeping.gif


Not much there for collector's of DC War. I did manage to pick up a few books, but I had to go around the room about 4 times before I found something worthwhile.


Small show with a couple of the typical dealers that price their books at the NM price, no matter what the condition is. Then they offer a nice 25-50% discount. frustrated.gif


Hahaha, can't fool me that way, boy! 27_laughing.gif


I'll see if I can post a picture of my early OAAW pickup.



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