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Favorite Bronze Age Cover?

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This is a similar response I gave on another thread... favorite battle covers


Gotta love...


ASM 123,

Defenders 10

and nearly all Gil Kane covers were excellent!!



I loved the look of these too even though they may not have been action packed...they represent the "visual feel" of a portion of the Bronze Age Marvel Covers to me...


Cat #1,

Defenders #1

DD 141

Ghost Rider #1

Hero for Hire #1

Marvel Team Up #1-5

etc... so many




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These are my favs:

Amazing Spider-Man #112,144 (Romita.Andru)

Avengers #100 (Smith)

Detective #403 (Adams)

Tomb of Dracula 10 (Colan & u gotta love the fro on Blade)

Warlock 10,11 (Starlin)


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Seems to be everybody's fave repeat thread:

1. Batman w/ Ra's Al Ghul & sword sticking out of Bat's chest by N Adams

2. Superman breaking the chains cvr by N Adams. Both fr mid -70s.

3. DC Personal Romances go-go girl orange cvr by Nick Cardy. early 70s. Forgot issue # now.

Seems like not too many ppl read bronze DCs on this board compared to Marvels.

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ASM 98, 122 & 136 (love those classic Gobby covers)


Conan 24 (Barry Smith + Red Sonja = classic)


X-Men 94 (don't care what Darth says - Count Nefaria & that classic

cover rock!)



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