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By JAGA! The Thundercats Are Loose!

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So I'm posting yesterday, trying to entice Rubicon, knowing his penchant for feline affection wink.gif :








and all of a sudden, it seems Lord Lion-O is bidding on my items - this dude is Mr. Thundercat fan from his past wins, giving Rubicon a run for his title as Feline Fetishist wink.gif Very exciting to see!!!


Here's one left for ya Rubi:




Panthro takes this hottie sporting the purple tunic/loincloth thingie for a spin in his THUNDERTANK...when all of a sudden it runs out of THUNDRILLIUM, and then.... BAM CHIKA WAKA WAKA... wink.gif


Then these rock dudes show up, wanting a piece of the action. Panthro, not into the "menage-a-many" (especially with rock dudes, not that there's anything wrong with that wink.gif ) , busts out sa beating for all would be intruders...

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Hey dude are you trying to make me go broke? lol You know if I buy just 1 then I'll have to get the entire series grin.gif It's bad enough trying to fill gaps in titles from the past 5 years which is eating a hole in my pocket.


Everyday I go to suncoast and ask if there is any word on ThunderCats comming out on DvD. No word yet frown.gif


I was surprised yesterday when I saw Transformers Season 2 on the reserve list grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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charge for one book to Canada: surface mail = $6.50, air mail = $8.00, global priority = $12 flat rate variable weight box ...I usually go right off the www.usps.com international rate calculator and add whatever (insurance, registration, delivery notice) is asked for by the customer. Something catch your eye? grin.gif Or did you need some early Defenders still.




Airmail Letter Post 4 - 7 Days $7.65 Max. length 24", Max. length, height, depth combined 36"


Economy (Surface) Letter Post 4 - 6 Weeks $6.40 Max. length 24", Max. length, height, depth combined 36"


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I've got a cyanide capsule in my back tooth, and if I ever lose control and buy a hyper-expensive Modern CGC book, I'll just chomp down hard and punch my ticket before I can fall any further.


Some nights I dream about it and wake up screaming, drenched in sweat and clutching my pillow in a death-grip.


Not the cyanide mind you, but the thought of owning an off-the-shelf CGC.... grin.gif

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