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On 10/31/2021 at 1:12 PM, 50YrsCollctngCmcs said:

Hey Bob @Robot Man, I was looking for you at the show this morning but didn't see you! I had brought along my copy of All Flash #25 to show you! It's the nicest looking 6.5 you'll ever see and an unrecognized pedigree to boot from the Van Buren collection.It got hammered because someone stupidly tried to color over the arrival date. I had that removed and then graded. Anyway it's still a beauty no matter the number. Sorry I couldn't show you; next show.



I didn’t make the show this time. Hey, it was Halloween. Had to get the house finished up and my grand daughters were coming over. That trumps comics any day. 

Really sweet copy of All Flash 25. I believe you showed it to me at Terry’s last Con. (Unslabbed). The Van Buren Collection sure had a tragic end. Glad this copy survived. 

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