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Just wanted to thank you for posting all these scans - quality stuff

that you don't see often.


I am in the middle of several exciting purchases myself; will try to post

some pictures soon.


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Shiver - love that "Pennies" cover! A great social commentary! Gotta wonder how it made some folks feel in the day.


::edited cause I said "Shield" instead of "Shiver":: blush.gif

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thank you very much warlord! grin.gif


You're welcome.


It's easy to do -- you can do it too. Just do the attachment (like you did) and put your post on the board. Then click on the attachment to your message. Copy the entire URL that you see in your browser's address field (ie, the sort of thing). Do another post, or edit your first post, and click the Instant UBB Code link for Image. A dialog box pops up -- paste in the URL that you copied, click OK, and put the post on the board. Voila! Your inline-image will appear.





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Thanks for posting those POV & 'NUT. It's really cool that

we have so many interests represented here! Any chance

you could show us some interior highlights of what offended

Dr. Wertham?


Here is one of my own recent purchases; prettiest early issue

of this run I ever saw. I am in the middle of two other deals

with even more incredible books; will try to post some pics

when I have them.



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I don't get it. I JUST don;t get it. I love these pre-code horror books. Love those horrific splash pages that Shield has put up. But for some reason, those WDC&S books REALLY appeal to me to! What is it? Opposities attracting?

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i am in the same boat pov, i love those kelly covers, i think he is better than barks in terms of beauty of drawing (hope i don't get shot now!). The dichotomy follows me everywhere my paintings alternate between horror & animals too, maybe its the balance that keeps us from ACTUALLY beheading people 893scratchchin-thumb.gif893whatthe.gif

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Funny you feel that way. I am just blown away by that Eerie #1 and would have

gone very far to get it if I had not already committed to other deals.



> Do the early issues in FN usually bring around guide price, or more?


After I upgraded, I sold my own (non-certified) #6 FN on eBay for $811. These have

been bringing way more than guide recently (2-3x is typical).

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