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I am just blown away by that Eerie #1 and would have


Well HK - That Eerie is just gonna be too much for me. Must continue my search for a simple VG or VG- or even G+ copy. With the Eerie 1, Cap 75, several Avon 1-shots and the EC annuals ahead of me not to mention the plain old non-grailish pre-code titles - I got to budget! grin.gif

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You have to click on the attachment to look at the pic. Then copy and paste the URL while looking at the pic. You probably just right clicked on when your mouse pointer was over the attachment and copy that URL which is incorrect. Right click on the pic and compare it to the URL when you click on the attachment.

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Here is one of my own recent purchases; prettiest early issue

of this run I ever saw. I am in the middle of two other deals

with even more incredible books ; will try to post some pics

when I have them.


Wow...You have to post some pictures then you get them!


And here's a pic for Pov...it seems that you are turning away from the dark side smirk.gif


Just bought this last friday: Finnish version of WDC&S 108

It has a paper cover, that's why it looks a bit "grainy".

Classic Carl Barks cover cloud9.gif










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i don't know warlord, i did as you suggested & its the same as when i tried it the long way, i just get the code listed in my post, not the picture. Could it be the fact that i am on a mac?


Nope, being on a Mac shouldn't have anything to do with your success or failure.


Rather than clutter up this thread, send me a PM containing the "code" that you say shows up listed in your post when you try to follow the procedure for making an inline image. I'll compare to my working HTML and maybe that will help us sort out the difference and figure out what's going wrong for you.


For your example code, try the same attachment that I first changed into an in-line image for you. Then I'll do the comparison and know exactly what the HTML code should be.


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That's a nice book (Four Color 9)


btw... there's an error in CGC label, it incorrectly says "Carl Barks cover" then it isn't.


I never realized the FC9 cover wasn't Barks art, and the CGC label said it was. You know, I often thought about starting a thread of CGC label errors, but figured it would get no participation. I have an Aquaman #62 (1st series) that's labeled as #67 - the series ended at #63 or so - there was no #67 issued. I would be interested to see some other CGC errors people have noted.

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