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Here are the rules for posting a WTB thread. Posts that don't follow these rules can be reported and may be removed:

  1. Your TITLE or TAGS must list the age/era of comics you are buying as one of the choices below OR can be a specific comic book if there is only a single book
    1. Gold/Silver/Bronze
    2. Copper/Modern
    3. Mixed age
    4. Comics related
  2. List specific comic books. This board is to help fill gaps in your collecting through specific searches. It is not a place for people to advertise things like "buying everything all the time for top dollar!" or "any golden age" etc. -- too vague.
  3. State the GRADE RANGE that you WILL consider.
  4. State whether you will buy CGC and/or RAW (note: nothing else is allowed)
  5. State a specific price range that you WILL buy for (depending on condition / grade). You may also state that you are open to offers outside of the range (similar to an "or best offer" statement from a seller). You may also site a SPECIFIC price guide source and a % variation from there that you are willing to pay. 
    Stating a specific price range is no longer required. However, we do encourage buyers to give an indication of the price they’re willing to pay. The more specific you are, the more likely a seller will take the time to help you out.
  6. You may bump your WTB post once per week
  7. You must consolidate requests to as few posts as is reasonable so you don't unfairly occupy the front page.  The maximum amount of active WTB threads allowed per person is 2.  

This forum is for CGC and/or raw books only.

These guidelines may be amended or altered from time to time. We do NOT monitor transactions or take any responsibility for them, so please make every effort of due diligence in your purchasing and selling.

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