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Hand cramp

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or use some kind of simple template

How about this? "WANTED: Buyer willing to overpay for lot of assorted modern comics, that includes ___________________________."


In this case the blank is a run of X-men back into the Silver age, in mystery grade.

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Everytime I see an auction like that, I envision a kid sitting at his PC with a stack of comics beside him, grinning with anticipation as he dutifully enters each one, making sure to consult Wizard NM values for his reserve.


Then later that night he packs his swollen hand in some ice, heads off to bed, and dreams of what he will buy with his new-found wealth.

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I must admit CI, you do have a way with words laugh.gif I couldn't agree more!


Do you suppose his grading is accurate? crazy.gif


You don't suppose that describing the comics as between VG and M leaves any room for grading inaccuracies? Hmmmmm I've already learned this lesson the hard way.


What the hell is wroing with you guys $15,000 (give or take a few dollars) wouldn't be such a bad loss, would it?


Come on...


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