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On 12/3/2022 at 9:04 AM, KirbyJack said:

Thor 159 is maybe the most overlooked silver age superhero Marvel comic. The events that unfolded in this completely reversed the status quo of the storyline. It’s like Thor’s “Anatomy Lesson”.

And yet, I don’t hear even dedicated Thor readers bringing it up. 

Hmmm, well I look forward to reading it now, as I don't think I ever did back in the 90s when I had them all.  (thumbsu

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On 12/5/2022 at 3:11 AM, Mucheee1 said:

Another recent purchase. Can't figure out why it graded out as a 2.5, it looks pretty nice. Must be the water damage.


Thor134 (2).jpg


Has anyone read the new CGC grading book, maybe that would provide some explanation.   But yeah, I'm with you, the water damage doesn't seem that bad on the face of it, maybe a 4-5.5  would have been a more appropriate grade. 

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