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No, I've had it for about 5 months now. The same seller had the 147 Pac Coast and I really wanted that as I don't have a copy and it's a great cover. However, they pulled the listing and sold it off ebay claiming the person offered a lot more than the book was worth. yeahok.gif If they left it there would've been a bidding war with the person they sold it to becuase I don't remember ever losing an auction for a CGC book on ebay that I've put a serious bid on. I tend to put in stupid bids. I wound up with this book because I wasn't happy exactly happy with the 9.4 White page copy I had. There was a tiny chip out of one corner and on a high grade book I hate that defect. I had a Batman 237 CGC 9.2 with the same defect.

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Very nice books! I've been going back and re-reading a lot of these early Thors and the stories are can get more insight (and the fun they were having writing them) in the Thor profile cover story in last year's 2006 Overstreet Guide (a must-read for the Thor fan!)...


I'm a first-time poster...check out my copy of JIM 85 which I plan on sending into CGC one of these days. I sent the scan to Doug Schmell and he thought it was a 9.0 at best...I believe it to be a 9.2 minimum but it sure would be nice to get a 9.4! This copy is perhaps my nicest unslabbed early Silver Age looks so nice that when I showed it to my wife she said it looked fake...HA!


Let me know what you think it would grade to...THANKS!




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namisgr...that is one AMAZING JIM/Thor collection!!!

Here's my copy of JIM #85 I believe is at least a 9.0 and perhaps a 9.2/9.4...I am going to send it in to CGC one of these days but no hurry...probably next year...I sent a scan to Doug Schmell for his opinion but he thought it was a 9.0 at best, but he's just trying to keep the gap open between all 85s and his 9.4! 27_laughing.gif



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