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Offered a collection - need Board feedback/advice

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Against my better judgment grin.gif I'm asking the Board for advice. Been offered this collection for $100. He says (I haven't seen them, but he's a Dean of a college, so probably not lying), that they were read once, bagged and boarded, and put away. He just found them again and wants to get rid of them. I'm definitely leaning towards buying


Your thoughts on this:



Amazing Adventures 19, 21-36, 38, 39

Astonishing Tales 16, 18

Battlestar Galactica 1-10, 12

Conan 93-101, 103-126, 128, 129 Annual 5,6

Creatures on the Loose 21-29

Dark Crystal 1

Defenders 3-13,16, 17,19, 20-29, 31-46, 48-50, 54, 56, 58-60

Devil Dinosaur 1

Eternals 1-14, Annual 1

Francis, Brother of the Universe 1

Godzilla 1

Howard the Duck 1-31, Annual 1

Indiana Jones 1

John Carter, Warlord of Mars 1-24, 26-28, Annual 1-3

Ka-zar, Lord of the Hidden Jungle 1-20

Kazar the Savage 1, 3, 4

King Conan 1-8

Logan's Run 1-7

Machine Man 1-3

Man From Atlantis 1

Marvel Chillers 1-2

Marvel Feature 6

Marvel Premiere 31-34,38, 41

Marvel Spotlight 25, 30

Marvel Team-up 79

Micronauts 1-12

Ms. Marvel 1

Nova 1-11

Omega The Unknown 1-10

Peter Parker, Spiderman 1, 2

Red Sonja 1-15

Shogun Warriors 1

Skull the Slayer 1-8

Tarzan 1-29, Annual 1-3

2001 A Space Odyssey 1-10

Uncanny Tales 1

Weird Wonder Tales- 1, 19-22

Worlds Unknown 1,2,3,5,7,8



Arak, Son of Thunder 1

Beowulf 1-6

Beyond the Unknown 4

Black Lightning 1

Claw The Unconquered 1-12

DC Special 22-24

Doorway to Nightmare 1-5

First Issue Special 1 , 5, 7, 10

Hercules Unbound 1-12

Isis 1, 2

Jonah Hex 1

Korak: Son of Tarzan 46-59

Man of War 1

Rima, The Jungle Girl 1, 2

Stalker 1-4

Star Fire 1-8

Star Hunters 1-7, 16

Steel 1

Strange Adventures-Adam Strange 218, 219, 222-224, 232, 234, 238, 241-244

Sword of Sorcery 1-4

Tarzan of the Apes 207(1st issue)-216, 218-223, 225, 226, 229, 230, 233, 234, 236, 237, 239-241, 245-250, 253-258

Tarzan Family Giant 60, 62-64, 66

Tor 5

Weird Worlds 1, 6, 8-10

Welcome Back Kotter 1



Iron Jaw 1,2,4

Barbarians 1

Morlock 2000 1-3

Phoenix 1-3

Wulf the Barbarian 1-4


Gold Key

Battle of the Planets 2

Buck Rogers 2-5

Flash Gordon 20, 21, 23-27


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Just lay down the hundred bucks and cross your fingers that there's some NM comics in there. I highly doubt he "read once, then bagged and boarded" them all (that's a common refrain of the F/VF seller) but it's more than worth the small risk IMHO.


Do you know what bothers me about 1970's-80's collections like this? No mainstream, popular comics like X-Men, Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Thor, Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc.


Since it would be virtually impossible to buy so many comics off the shelf and not get some of the above, that sets off some warning signs that maybe this is a collector getting rid of his junk.

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Donut, you teasin' us? grin.gif


I don't think you can go wrong here. Even if the average grade is FN, you'll do fine in flipping them. I think the last offer was $120? I'll put a bid at $125 grin.gif



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Even if they average barely Fine+, I wouldn't turn this down at $200. You've got 18 different runs of ten or more consecutive issues (totalling 274 issues) which fetch $1 a book with 30 minutes of auction posting and no scans necessary. Plus another couple hundred issues to go with them... and that's if they're only mid-grade books....

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Shhhh... you've got to wait for hogations to go to $250 before you report the shilling, that way he still has to honor the bid...


What's with you man? I thought you, me, and Meth worked all this out last night, dog? cool.gif

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Hey FD,


I'd probably gamble on it, but I'm waaaaay skeptical. I find it hard to believe that the same person picked up Strange Adventures 218 and Arak 1 as a reader. It sounds like someone who started collecting/speculating in the late "70's. There's an inordinate number of #1's. And remember, even if the story's true, NM when he was buying is very different than NM now. Still, it's hard to go wrong--I'm just eyeballing it, but it looks like it's about 50 cents a book.


Have a damn good time this weekend and say hi to Marc--wish I still lived in Baltimore.



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If you have a large clientele of buyers who'd buy these in VF for half-guide, I think you'd still be covered in the case of over-grading.


That, of course, is assuming the seller's NM isn't closer to F.



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Sales to date from this:


Black Panther 1-14 (all NM) set $28

Daredevil 158 (not yet paid, any interest from board members?) $26 F/VF

Battle of the Planets 2 NM $15

Logan's Run 1-7 NM $20.52

Marvel Premiere set 3 NM, 4, 5 VG/F, 6 F/F+, 7 F, 8-10 VF, 11, 12 F/VF, 13 VG/F,14 VF $30.55

Defenders 10 VF $16.06

Kazar 15 30 cent variant VF $13.72

Strange Tales/Warlock set (not yet paid) $31.57 Strange Tales 178 NM, 179, 180 VG/F, 181 F/F+, Warlock 9, 10 Fine, 11 VG, 12 F/F+, 13-15 VF/NM

Marvel Premiere 1, 2 VF/NM $20.01

Warlock 1-8 (not yet paid) 1 VF-, 2 VF, 3 F/VF 4 F/VF, 5 VF, 6 VF/NM, 7 VF, 8 Fine

Jonah Hex 1 VF/NM $15.01

Flash Gordon 21 VF/NM $5

Buck Rogers 2-5 NM $5


thanks for everybodys help! anybody want HIGH grade DC and Marvel Tarzans or John Carters?

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