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FF 52 9.4

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yeah, MT 13869 better like the book as i was the crazy SOB he outbid, took him a few bids to top $1200 though......


i was going to go to $1300 but i figured its just not worth it, another copy will come along.........sometime........


there was a 9.4 that went for $800 about 4 motnhs ago but it was ugly, had a big stress line on spine that cut thru the black and a nice red pen AD in the moon on the cover, looked more like a 9.2


this book looked like a border line 9.6, real nice spine and sharp corners


wheres rudd?? i'll pay u $1500 for your 9.6 copy, double your money man!!


MT reminds me of jgreen, he is paying some realli high prices $1500 for ff 45 cgc 9.4??? that is insane


whos the smart cookie who paid $1200 for ff 20 cgc 9.4 a coupla years ago, hhmmmm???

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Isn't the high bidder that guy who's been paying record prices for everything?


If I were a seller, I'd e-mail this guy, ask him what he's looking for, and slap stuff from his list on ebay immediately. He seems more than willing to pay record prices for just about everything!!

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i don't think joe_c would like that idea? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


joe_c doesn't like very many ideas related to a free market...he's a far left-wing socialist! I thought I was pretty far to the left, but he makes me look like Pat Buchanan by comparison...

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Is there any FF 52's with a pedigree ex. Boston, Curator,etc. confused-smiley-013.gif


All the FF Curators #2-102 (there is no #1) are owned by one person whose identity is a closely guarded secret gossip.gif - and I'm sworn to secrecy.


They are all still raw.


There has to be a Boston #52 (or more than one) but I have no idea who has it.

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