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  1. Old Fashion PB and J
    So I am closing on my first year building my 800 issue run of Detective Comics. Within the first year I have managed to buy 100 CGC graded books (a bunch were hand picked and submitted), and the more I build this run the more I love it! I like to browse through other sets as well, and I am working on starting to upload images.
  2. Old Fashion PB and J
    Detectives are still king but horror is appealing too!
    So now that I am closing on my second year in the regitry I see myself growing as a collector. I have added books and subtracted books, found a new love for pedigrees etc.. But I still plug away at my Detective Comics run. Which has added about 40 books this year between new copies and upgrades. I have found myself in love with DC horror and Strange Adventures as well. Neither of those sets will ever be truly competitive, but simply for my enjoyment. Hopefully over the next year I can some photos added as well, since I enjoy sharing my books with other collectors. Hope everyone here has had a great year!
    Patrick Beam
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  3. Old Fashion PB and J
    If you love something let it go.
    So 2011 is going to be a long year! I have decided to sell off all my books, save the Detectives. My big goal is to 1. Create more space in my home. 2. Raise a large chunk of change for a nice downpayment. I used to sell at shows and have a good portion of inventory left, and I also have my old collection which frankly I want gone. The har part is finidng time to sell, and the right method to sell. Should I do bulk lots, individual books, etc.. Many books will be graded by CGC, and the lower grades are going to fund grading fees. Either way, it should be an interesting year for me. I have transitioned from collector, to dealer, to collector/dealer. And now I just have to say goodbye to the collector aspect until next year. Oh, well thats my thoughts today.
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