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  1. On 5/19/2024 at 12:50 PM, Changer said:

    Closing tonight.

    1.) 20% off listed , 25% off if you bought already 

    Havent finish packing so if any wants to add anything, feel free to make offer. here is the marvel left before closing (plus the dells/golden key/dc misc) 

    2.) also found two more asm,nice presenting asm 93 and 94 both vg/vg+  $15 for the pair 





    I will take the Asm 93 and 94 please


    Also ASM king size 6 and 7 per PM.



  2. Hey all.  My name is Jeremy and I am a high school English teacher in Bend, Oregon.  Whether I am buying or selling, I try to treat others as I would want to be treated.  It’s really important to me to do business with integrity and kindness.  Thanks in advance for your kudos.

  3. May, 2024.

    I tend to run a little higher than most on the paranoid end of the spectrum, so when I’m buying from somebody for the first time, I’m very very cautious.  In this case, it was a very large book as well (over 1k).  

    Charlie could not have been more understanding, kind, and professional.  He went above and beyond to give me confidence that he was a safe person to work with. He shipped the book the day I paid for it.  The book was brilliantly packaged. The book was exactly as described, but that was never a concern because Charlie generously offered to send me copious pictures before I agreed to the arrangement.

    In short, Charlie is an outstanding seller with the highest level of integrity.  I hope to do business with him again and again.

  4. I purchased a submariner number 1 from Mike. All of his communication was super clear and really friendly. He shipped the book immediately and packaged it expertly. He sent numerous tracking updates so I always knew what was going on without having to check. I cannot think of a way that he could’ve been a better more responsible seller. Anytime Mike lists anything in the future I’m gonna look at it with curious eyes because I can’t wait to do business with him again.

  5. On 4/3/2024 at 3:55 PM, Math Teacher said:

    Amazing Spider-Man #33

    Here are the issues as I see them. This is obviously a well-loved book. There are numerous creases on the front cover, especially along the spine and the right edge. There is some fraying/rounding of the upper left-hand and lower right-hand corners of the front cover. There are small staple tears at both staples. There is tanning on both the insides of the front and back covers. There are two significant creases in the bottom left-hand corner of the back cover. There is some kind of stain (but I don’t think it was water) in the bottom left-hand corner. This stain is also visible at the corresponding location on the inside of the back cover. The cover seems a little loose above the top staple, but there is no spine split.

    The centerfold and the staples are firmly attached.

    I’m going to call this a Good+. My asking price is $50 shipped.










  6. I bought six or seven Asm Books from badger. All were CGC graded. Everything about the transaction was excellent. He was a good communicator, the books were exactly as described, he packaged them expertly. I would be very excited to work with him again in the future.

  7. On 3/12/2024 at 6:34 AM, crassus said:

    Journey into Mystery 105 6.0 (Bright & glossy; all attached, staples clean; mod cb spine & edge wear, incl rough wear with overhang top edge; mod cb spine stress; crnr blunting with sm cb crses all 4 crns; cb & ncb surface wear consistent with grade; light to mod tanning interior cvrs; light to mod foxing & ink transfer bc; PQ is OW) $45.00




  8. On 3/12/2024 at 6:41 AM, crassus said:

    Journey into Mystery 110 4.0 (Note: book has slight musty odour; bright with still good gloss; all attached, staples clean; mod to heavy spine & edge wear; mod to heavy cb spine stress, incl a very long cb crse fc from spine to edge of Thor's helmet; cb crses all 4 crnrs; longer vertical cb crse bl fc; cb & ncb surface crses, dents and folds consistent with grade; light to mod stacking transfer fc; moisture stain center left edge bc; light to mod tanning interior cvrs; light to mod foxing & ink transfer bc; PQ is OW) $25.00



    Take pls

  9. On 3/12/2024 at 6:39 AM, crassus said:

    Journey into Mystery 109 3.5 (Bright & glossy; all attached, staples clean; mod to heavy spine & edge wear, in addition to conventional cb edge wear the spine especially shows moisture damage, in some place faint in others very obviously discoloured in the area around Thor's hammer, overall representing the top 2/3s of the spine, frankly a very odd defect as there is a distinct absence of other tell tale signs of water damage; a sm patch also top edge fc above "YST" in title; otherwise mod cb and ncb surface wear consistent with grade; sm brownish stain under Thor's right arm; 1/4" tear left edge bc; note: store stamp & (later) date stamp bc; light to mod tanning interior cvrs; light to mod foxing & ink transfer bc; PQ is OW) $40.00



    Take please