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  1. Hibou

    Digital Staples.
    In order to start, I need to end... where was I?
    Dan Dare... Fantastic Four?
    Wait!  I was underwater. Yes, that must be it! No, something is wrong here...
    Let's try to go back.
  2. Hibou
    Or how an owl found his way underwater...
    I think I've figured out this journal thing finally and hopefully the 2 other attemps can be deleted in time.
    A few weeks back I met a good friend of mine for lunch and for some strange reason, he had just out of the blue purchased a really cool book for me. Why? He's just like that and an overall good guy.
    Anyways, that generous act sort of gave me an idea to write about how my collecting focus has evolved from the time I got back into collecting and buying key books to where I am now after finding these boards. Maybe along the way I'll discover why I'm attracted to these types of books so much.
    And with that, perhaps it will prove to be therapeutic!
    To start this off I'll post the very book that my friend Rob purchased for me. We couldn't figure out why Pizza Hut found this book to be so important to reprint it and use it as a giveaway...

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