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  1. In case you're wondering what in the world would be the interest in this particular issue from March of 1941, well that would be revealed on page 16 as this issue takes a look back at 10 years of The Shadow!





    What's interesting and kind of funny, is that Walter B. Gibson, is pictured and referred to here as Maxwell Grant.








  2. This turned out to be a very nice day as we had the opportunity to celebrate an early Father's Day with my Father and Mother... we went out for lunch at a local Vietnamese restaurant which serves excellent food at (still) very good prices.  I have to work tomorrow evening and we have plans to get together with my wife and two daughters so I thought it would be a bit much to try and fit in everything in a day.  I'm glad we decided to do it this way as it made for a very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon today.




    I have a new project set up for myself that I'm really excited to talk about but I think it's going to be a few weeks before I can get to that.  All I can say right now is that I found something on eBay that, surprisingly, not only survived time but also survived the shipping process.  I was thrilled to open this box and see that no damage had occurred to this kind of very rare item that is most likely around 80 years old.  Not only that, it relates to one of my favorite subjects!  When we got home this afternoon, I was happy to see that my shipment from Lonestar (mycomicshop.com) arrived.  They are such a great business... between their prices, shipping and inventory, what a gem of a resource. 

    Anyways, enough gushing over that... lol

    I just recently found a 'hidden' Street & Smith publication.  Now I'm sure it's not hidden as in the literal sense but it was a publication that I wasn't familiar with until now.  Street & Smith's "PIC" magazine (looks to be about the same size as Life Magazine) was published from 1937 - 1961 and always seemed to feature some alluring ladies on their covers.  It was advertised as "Covering The Entire Field Of Entertainment" and based on their covers, I suppose it would've been a bit difficult to have been able to accurately gauge, exactly what type of magazine it was supposed to be.

    So I bought this issue and from flipping through it, it's kind of half cheesecake with a quarter newsworthy material and a quarter editorial.  It's actually a very nicely laid out magazine and I could easily start a collection of these as well but I won't actively seek them out at this point.

    Anyways, this was the issue (not EXACTLY this one)  that I purchased from Lonestar...






  3. As I've written before - what a great song written and sung by two legends! 

    But here is the magnificent Maire Brennan today against (the wind) her formal self which is what we discovered all of those years ago.

    (Dedicated to my dear wife as we would gallop towards better shores, all in search of "Butter Beer"... well before JK Rowling! lol )


    ** Butter Beer is what my wife and I would call beer while we would visit Montreal, Quebec, etc... it just seemed to taste so much smoother than their domestic counterparts.



    And here is Maire today - just as magnificent now as when my wife and I discovered her qll of those years ago.

    Just as we were setting our own path... to be written by our shadows.

    Ah, there it is -

    Serendipity. :(

    I found it, David.

    Our Shadows.

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.










  4. I already know that this weekend is going to be tough.  Just as I knew that Mother's Day was going to be incredibly tough for my wife.  Well, I had no idea that my older and younger daughters were collaborating and scheming to get them both at our granddaughters apartment on that day which proved to be the perfect remedy for this this sorrowed day.

    But now, for Father's Day.

    Yeah, it's going to revolve around a drink or two...  in this lifetime.



  5.  Now this is a going to be such the strangest transition, based on music videos, but I can't think of another song to use as a segue so here we are...


    If you actually watch this video, I chose this one for a reason as it was made by a father for his dearly departed son.


    As I mentioned in the above post, the discussion Rob and I were having as the evening crept in, shifted a bit from the safe and ordinary to one of 'real-life', mortality and the fact that we're both about to be in our 50's and we're just not young anymore despite what our brains wish to believe, or rather, want to... create that reality.  He works at the university here and as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my daughter will now be working in the same building as he as she enters her Masters program. 

    An interesting side note - that building was where I (sort of) met my dear wife some 35 years ago and where I met my best friend Rob, around 25 years ago.

    Anyways, he was telling me how difficult it is becoming as the Freshman class that come in every year, keep getting younger and younger. In fact, this is because each year, he gets older and more wise (life=experience=wisdom)... it's the sad end chapters of life.  However, I do have to add this caveat...

    Who is to say how long your book (your story) is?

    We talked a bit about some of the issues that he's had going on in his life as I listened and tried to offer (probably) unsolicited advice.  In the above post, I mentioned that for me, this night was different and I'd like to take a moment to recognize that and to make a mention of what made it so.  Like I said, I feel like I've become a pretty good actor - I can 'play' myself pretty convincingly, however I know for a fact that my face and hair will always betray me. That being said, it was probably between the 2nd and 3rd beer (Rob insists that is the sweet spot lol ) where I sat back for a moment to realize just what I had the privilege of enjoying... good weather, a safe and friendly environment, good beer and an amazing friend.  I don't think there are a lot of people that could have that all in one day. 

    And it was with that, where I dropped the act. 

    I felt like I could just enjoy this moment in public... complete with my devastated heart.









    To close out this evening's post, I do have to include a (somewhat) updated picture of Rob's 'Wall-O-Fame"... these incredible wooden (?), hand painted and lamented 'heads' that he's been collecting from this artist who he found online.  I do know that these are a bit pricey so they're certainly not 'Spin-Art' from your local fairgrounds lol ... yes, I intentionally dated myself.

    What isn't shown in this picture is the portrait of the (variant) Werewolf, Gill-man (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and the GOAT, Vincent Price

    I'll get those pictures later, if possible.

    As of right now, it's very hard for me to pick a favorite. 






    And finally, I have to show you the 'extras' Rob got for me that he found in his 'lost trunk of gifts'... that'll conclude this post once I get some good pictures.

    Edit -

    I figured this would be just as easy so these are the 'lost gifts' that Rob said he had stashed away and had been meant for some past Christmas get together :)

    I love all of the retro packaging on the Super 7 stuff...


    And the black and white versions of the Funko monsters look great!








  6. I've fallen behind here a bit and really need to catch up... it's been a while since I did some 'house cleaning' and I'll probably have to go that route here soon.  Anyways, I know I have to get back to talking about FCBD (Free Comic Day), which was about a month ago now, but I really need to start with the nice weekend I had last week.  I found out late in the week, prior to last weekend, that I would have Sunday night off from work so I immediately got a hold of Rob to see if he was free for an impromptu get together over some beers.  Gladly, I found out that he was and so he decided on a new spot to meet up last Sunday afternoon. 

    This place was really quite unique and I loved the entire vibe there.  It was kind of like this art / beer commune complete with a beer barn, a couple of unique shops as well as food.









    I met some very nice people there and we had a few (or is that a couple few lol ) excellent beers and engaged in our usual discussions about all things pop-culture but as the afternoon left and the evening began to set in, our conversation turned a bit.  I have to admit that when I'm out, whether in an environment such as this one or simply at work, I have to consciously push away the perpetual internal sadness I hold and almost become a stage actor.  Going through the motions, acting out my lines... giving the right expressions at the right times. 

    But this night was different and it was for a good reason.

    As my PC has been doing that thing lately, where it'll just dump all of my written words, I'm going to try to do this in parts so not to get totally frustrated tonight and end up outside at midnight, with a cigar, and trying to communicate with the dearly departed.

    So to close out this part, not only was I introduced to some nice people here, I was also introduced to some good new music (to me) as well and this one... well, this one kind of hit me just right.






  7. What an emotional and fulfilling few days this was for us...

    This weekend was our younger daughter's commencement which passed through these three days in which we traveled back and forth numerous times, as well as transporting members of her immediate family.  I'm so proud of her as she has successfully sailed  through her primary goal and is now set to tackle her next one.

    I haven't even had the chance to tell my friend, Rob, that she will be working in the same building as he is, as she has accepted an internship and a job for her further course of study at our local university!

    What a crazy commencement for the Class of TheEndofTheWorld...

    I heard that it was in the range of 10,000 attendees!







    On our way back home this evening, I heard this song and it just seemed to fit...








  8. In order to start this next post I need to (sadly) "Flashback" to three years ago, but actually four years ago now...






    Yeah, I know this was supposed to tie into Wonder Woman and my 'Wonder Women' - so why am I starting this with the Scarlet Speedster?!

    So, just to summarize that linked post, it was in April of 2020 (theendoftheworld) when I was in this frame of mind as I posted to Rob on that early Spring day in 2020.




    So it was in this period, four years ago when I happened to stumble upon a sales thread from Sharon ( @skypinkblu ) and purchased her copy of Flash #123 which I still proudly own. 






    So what are the chances... what are the chances that during my darkest days, I would (once again) happen to find my way onto these boards and stumble onto a sales thread of hers during the winter months of 2023?

    Recently, I've been introduced to the concept of these "Earth Angles"  hm


    It was in December of last year (2023) that I once again hit a personal low. 

    But in this case, it wasn't because of a personal loss but more because of a financial loss. 

    I doubt I'll ever tell the story here but I can strongly announce here that for the first time in my life, in the professional world, I now believe that the only true source I can trust, is myself. 

    And that, in-itself, is my win.





    My son, David, was born a week before Christmas and so this was an incredibly difficult time for us as a family and as so, one night...

    I found myself pouring a Scotch and browsing through these board posts to numb the pain. 

    So, of course, it was around this time that I, once again, stumbled upon a sales thread from Sharon ( @skypinkblu ) ... what were the chances, right?!

    Well... here we were.

    She was, once again, selling a portion of her collection, and here I was just falling into her sales thread.

    This one book that she had for sale, absolutely grabbed a hold of me.

    Just as I needed that Flash #123... I needed this copy as well.

    I sent a DM to Sharon about this book and we were able to strike a deal.

    That wasn't the prize though.

    Sharon, is forever the Den-mother here and she can intuitively sense when one of us is enduring something devastating.  Well... such was the experience here.  The value in this interaction with Sharon wasn't in buying a "comicbook" from her.. rather, it was in the personal stories she shared that helped me work through my own personal catastrophe.

    Thank you so much, Sharon.. prayers to you and you family.

    One day I hope to meet you and give you the biggest hug!  :)  :)




    So what was this book that I found from her?

    Well... only her origin.

    My Wonder Woman!








    Ok, now that I've gone through and cleaned up some of the mess of posts from the weekend, I can try to get back on track.  I kind of got myself stuck... and started to sink into that dark abyss that I sometimes find myself in.  Was all that brought on by watching that special, "The Day the Music Died"?

    I think so. 

    It's a depressing song as it looks back on unrest and tragic loss.

    So when getting into that mindset and simultaneously looking back on my family, it leaves me with good memories but with a lot of sadness.  My younger daughter will be graduating in two weeks after having spent the last 4 years in college.  That's kind of where I started this journal... starting it back at the onset of our "suspicious pandemic"...

    2020 - Theendoftheworld.

    The Day the Music Died.




    In these 4 years, my younger one has lived through a shut down, seen mass protests and civil unrest, escaped to what I can only describe as an island of magic only to return and have to face a crushing and devastating loss to our family.

    That's where I was trying to head with the start of my Wonder Woman post before I derailed myself.

    And that all started with Lynda Carter's social media post which slid right into The Day the Music Died.

    That being said, there are a lot of really good people in this community but I found it interesting that it was two sales from the same board member that served as bookends during two moments of uncertainty and tragedy.

    And that's what I'll get to first before I get into Free Comic Book Day.




  10. Suspicious activities all around us... it's been that way for a number of years. 

    So much of this has affected so many of us and it seems to be spinning faster and faster.  This video doesn't really tie into that concept I'm describing but it's a great Elvis song. 

    I suppose this is what I was trying to tie into my post from last weekend...





  11. It might be easier fro me to just finish up this one thread before getting into the events of today and FCBD. 

    So yes, I'll try to pull together this Wonder Woman thread since that's what I started last night.  :)


  12. I wasn't sure how to start tonight's entry as it was a very eventful and wonderful day, all based around the annual FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) event. 

    That being said, maybe I'll try to merge two threads into one and at least start this next chapter that I started last night with the Wonder Woman post.

    So, I'll start with this being my current state of mind...

    I've poured a Scotch and I'm listening / watching the streaming special "The Day The Music Died".





  13. This somehow works out to be a very nice segue for this next book I've decided to talk about.

    As I was browsing through social media over the course of the week, I saw that Gal Gadot's birthday had passed (April 30, 1985) and a certain iconic Wonder Woman legend acknowledged that passing. Lynda Carter, who will be 73 this July as she was born in 1951, posted a Happy Birthday note to Gal Gadot, who turned 39 this year, accompanied by this photo that was taken 8 years ago in 2016!




    This was not posted but I love it, nonetheless...





    (Just recently purchased.)



    Wonder Woman.

    I have two amazing daughters and an amazing wife and the three of them have stepped into that role time and time again. 

    I'm sorry but there's not enough Scotch in the house for me to get into those stories right now. 

    All I know is that without these three incredible females... I'm not here anymore to write these nonsensical stories.

    Ok, that got a bit deep - sincere apologies.




    The only thing I can make sense of is that it seems we're certainly living within the Waters of Chaos and at this point, who knows how that will be resolved.







  14. I guess it's only appropriate that I'm watching the awesome 2022 Matt Reeves Batman movie tonight as I start this latest entry. 

    I'm really looking forward to the Penguin series that should be debuting this fall.  At the end of filming, there was a rumor that Robert Pattinson was seen on set... we'll see.  :wishluck:




    It's funny... I look at this picture and I'm reminded of the world that I kind of left behind. 

    The fun I had when writing about this fictional run in with the TVA surrounding the acquisition of this amazing book that Rob got for me. 








    Those were some fun nights... if only things were still that innocent for me. 

    Anyways, yes this book is still one of my favorite items that I own.  I keep checking for when they'll release the long awaited Superman book as well as the Wonder Woman book, but as I look on their website, they've pulled any mention of those books as well as this TVA hunted Gotham 1919 - 1939 book.

    I guess the TVA won. 

    They found the book...

    Fun times.

  15. I just found this image in my files and figured it was too late to go back and throw it in as an 'Edit' to last weekends post, so I'll add it here.



    Two years ago, I made this card for my uncle to celebrate his 77th birthday.  It kind of nicely compliments the thoughts I wrote about last weekend.

    Rest in Peace..



  16.  So with that, I'll get back to some of the recent books that I've picked up.  I guess it would be appropriate to mention this duplicate Batman book that I couldn't pass up.  This book has become kind of a game for me, as the first thing I look at is the wrap and then go to three different elements with the composition. 

    Before I get to talking about that in more detail, I have to post this trailer that was recently released for the new Joker: Folie à Deux movie, set to be released later this year staring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga.



    It looks really good to me and I love that mirror scene with the slow merging of his reflection and the drawn grin! 

    So I found another copy of Batman #251 but this one was not only priced well, but the centering game I play on this one was just about perfect.  As I've mentioned many times before, with these early 1970's DC books, the first thing I look for are the two complete full circles of the logo and the price, but with this particular book, trying to find a complete and centered bat logo is next to impossible.  What I mean by that, is a copy that shows the full tip of the right bat wing.  This book, even though it's only a CGC 4.0, is about as good as I think I'll ever find to that bit of criteria I look for. 

    So with this book you have multiple elements that make it challenging as the Joker's shoulder and his coat tail have to be exactly flush with the spine of the book in order for that bat wing tip to show.






    So I didn't really need to purchase this book... I believe it was off of Mercari, but it's nice to have a copy that has fulfilled those markers that I look for in this issue.





  17. I'm sure everyone has their theme song, right?!

    I mean, it has to be common knowledge by now that this is Rob's lol ...



    Anyways, this would be mine - as this life has certainly been a VERY Long Journey!



  18. I know that last post was a bit random so I'll try to fill in some details here.

    This weekend I attended a funeral in Schuylerville, NY at the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery.  After my son passed away last August, my family was hit with another loss as my uncle unexpectedly passed away in October of 2023.  It took those 6 months before my aunt could secure a time there for a service.  Apparently there was that long of a waiting list. 

    It's a beautiful veterans cemetery... https://www.cem.va.gov/cems/nchp/geraldbhsolomonsaratoga.asp surrounded by soft hills, farms and the nearby Hudson River.

    My uncle served in the US Army and fought in Vietnam.  The service this weekend was quite emotional despite us all having felt the loss back in October.  Not only was he my uncle but he was my Godfather as well and had a very strong influence on me growing up.  I wrote about him a little bit in a post on here around a year and a half ago as it related to how he was the one that picked my NFL football team for me, the Los Angeles Rams...




    My aunt and uncle were living in Florida for a number of years but were preparing to move up to Connecticut to be closer to their daughter, my cousin.  My uncle lived here since immigrating from France in the 1950's up until they decided to move down to Florida.  He always liked monsters, creatures and anything weird... he had a very unique way of looking at the world and followed his passion to become an accomplished poet later in his life.  He authored numerous books and created quite the poets society where he was living in Florida.  As my parents cultivated my interest and love for all things related to Marvel and DC, my uncle did the same in terms of weird creatures and monsters.  In the 1970's, he would regularly buy comics for me from the local newsstand and would encourage me to get material other than the superheroes.  Among the comics that he would get for me were the Godzilla comics.  Godzilla was a favorite of mine and my older cousin as well.  Even to this day, we'll talk about all of the classic Godzilla movies.

    I've told this to my daughter so she knows my love for Godzilla which is why she purchased this amazing matchbox set from a flea market in Japan last year. 

    The backs of the boxes are a puzzle and create a whole image...








    Now my father also liked the monster stuff too but he was more in tune with the Universal Monsters so I guess I didn't stand a chance... this was destined to be a deep interest of mine!  Anyways, one night last year, as late fall shifted into early winter, I was mindlessly scrolling through items on Mercari and eBay.  Still grieving over David and now my Uncle Dan, I stopped on this book and it brought all of these memories that I just wrote about, right back up to the surface.  It didn't matter to me what the grade was and it was very inexpensive so I just decided to get it. 

    It was a memory of my dear uncle just as that New Mutants #98 was a memory of my son, David.

    This is just such a cool Herb Trimpe cover as were many of those early Godzilla comics. 

    As for the grade, it looks great to me! A near perfect wrap with White pages - I'm not sure why it was only a VF- (shrug)






    So that's the story behind my impromptu posting of last night.  Thank you Uncle Dan for Godzilla and the LA Rams... we had a helluva draft this weekend.  A lot of new fresh talent just came on board.

    Fifty years a Rams fan and still going...