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  1. I need H-E-L-P


    Im pretty new on this board but have already made a fair bit of successful transactions....


    This is my situation with 2 long standing memebers on here I will not yet give their names in hopes that they either refund or send me the items....at very least communicate


    I bought from one member over a month ago and communication fell by the waist side the minute the money cleared....its been a struggle to get any info especially my items...Im trying to be understanding...but enough is enough


    Second member communication was great up till he received my items and cash for the trade of 3 cgc books....then communication again came to a stop and not getting any responses , well over a month.



    I made a mistake and paid paypal as gift....can take screen shots etc of all communications between both and of paypal clearing into there accounts.... Yes i made an error and was way to trusting my bad but no reason for them to ignore me like this. Im very frustrated and finaclly stressed to the max like most. So trying to explain to thew wife why I buy comic is one thing why I throw away money we could have used for bills...Dont ever try to explain that one.



    Anyone have any advice?? Or course of action.....again wont give names hopefully I hear back from them (always try to see the good in everyone)

    Out the Jack holes!


  2. Actually Batman 251 has been commanding above GPA prices on C-Link for a while back in Nov 2010 Batman 251 commanded strong prices 1100.00 for a 9.6, I sold 2 copies, 1 in the auction and exchange for over 1,000 each both 9.6 and last month a 9.4 sold for 700+, this is one of the Adams book commanding an upswing in prices on Clink and other sites, along with Batman 227 and Tec 395. Batman 232 I sold on the boards couple of weeks back sold 9.8 for 2000+, I was suprised on the Clink auction thought it would bring more but the copy was not well centered.

  3. I am looking at this from a Census standpoint, many boardies have their opinion as what is HG, but a 9.2 modern is not HG or maybe even copper age and late bronze, but if a book is hard to find in HG based on the book itself would you then adjust to what the highest grade for that book. 9.6-9.0, 9.8-9.2 or based on the number of copies exists 9.0 and above for Bronze age and older book.

  4. Let's say for instance HG is 9.2 and above for books 35yrs+ but if the census has the highest grade at 9.6 would 9.0 be considered HG if there are only a certain number of copies above 9.0? If there was a 9.9 or 9.8 on the census and a pretty good number of copies 9.2 and above then 9.4 and above be considered HG? At what point would you consider a copy HG.