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  1. Thank you everyone for all your replies..been very helpful and I hope the next guy can give you that amount of knowledge you shared with me..cause I do in the real world as well..thanks again!  It's like usual for me in this instance and that is back to the drawing board..any recommendations for good, reasonable graders??

  2. On 8/21/2021 at 5:35 PM, KBost33 said:

    Whatever you claim value as is the tier you pay for.. I have paid for $999 walk through, got an 8 and card sold for $199... they still charged me full amount on walk through...  I look at tiers as how quick I want card back.... but that still doesn't matter... I have an EX order there now that they have lost box on, and it has been then now since May 20th... so take it with strong grain of sand.... and trust me, I have grade so many there now, a 10 IS SUPER HARD to get... always think 2 grades down... if you think it is a 10, expect an 8, and be happy when you get a 9..

    Thank you for all the input! That helped!!

  3. Also what would happen to the card and tier if it gets graded an 8 falling to about a worthiness of 100 dollars.Am I charged the 12 dollars for grading or am I charged 125 dollars from the walk thru tier with cards of a maximum value of 10,000 dollars per card?

  4. Hello, my name is Etienne Rodriguez with how the grading processing works.  For instance,. I send a card thru express thinking a card is a certain amount before grading but even after grading the price falls in a standard payment.  How does this get resorted and is their a price guide from CSG that is standard that can be compared to other guide books like PSA.  Thank you for your answers and even the what to do or be careful responses help!