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  1. On 8/6/2021 at 11:24 AM, jday68 said:

    Does anyone have any updates about when a POP report will be released? I have an ‘05 Rodgers Turkey Red RC that graded 10 Pristine, .5 away from sweet perfection! And there are interest buyers. But I can’t give potential buyers any information. Let me know if anyone has heard even the slightest online rumor lol! Thanks. 

    i use the psa pop report for comps n stuff but yeah i would really like a csg pop report even before subbing i wanna know if its possible to get a decent grade wit certain cards and im super curious to see what grades people are getting from csg, how many perfect 10s, i wanna see csg pop counts for my soto's n brady's ha they should have enough cards graded by now 

  2. On 8/25/2021 at 1:14 AM, johnhal said:

    Warning and request for help:

    I purchased a presell case of Topps Pro Debut Hobby boxes on EBAY for $800 on April 17th... later in April, the mid May release date was postponed until August 25th.  When that happened, I messaged the seller to confirm the intent to sell despite the delay.  They confirmed.  Today (august 24) I attempted to message the seller about the timeline for the transaction.  However, I found they are no longer registered on EBAY.  So, I have no way to contact the seller.  I contacted EBAY via chat, email, and phone.  They continue to quote me the 30 day policy and tell me I have no recourse through them to recoup my $800... They even suggested I contact the seller.  I responded, "yes," but I will need their contact information which you are hiding from me.  I begged them to respond to this question: how can you have a 30 day refund policy while allowing advertised transaction to delivery spreads of 120 days? I asked them to explain what I should have done differently... I asked them if I should I filed a complaint against a seller and requested a refund 80 days before the delivery of the item was due? They refused to answer and continued to quote the 30 day policy.  Then, the customer service agent hung up on me and has, apparently, blocked me from being able to access the customer service department through their help chat or phone.  Can anyone offer suggestions? Has anyone been through something similar? I can't believe how EBAY is conducting business.

    this story is scaring me!! i just bought a few hundred dollar card and the seller hasnt shipped or responded well over a week,  i tried to call ebay they have no customer service everytime i try n get help through assistence they say contact the seller who is MIA am I just gonna get burned, wheres my money, the seller could be dead what happens to my loot 🤬🤬

  3. On 4/26/2021 at 4:26 PM, Gottsword said:

    My First two CSG cards, both were Express Grades... 
    The Jordan got a perfect 10 on Centering, but an overall 9 grade, Looks great though.

    The Kobe had 3 sub grades that were 9.0 or higher, and a very unfortunate low surface grade that brought the overall card grade down.  This was opened directly from pack and placed in sleeve, so whatever they found an issue with on the surface was directly from the manufacturer, regardless the card and it's colors look amazing in the CSG Slab on the Kobe Rookie.  :) 



    really cool kobe wit the green what happened wit the surface? you got crushed maybe the N and the T look rubbed off in Bryant i guess thatll do it, still a great card! 🔥

  4. On 1/12/2022 at 4:30 PM, Cardsharp1 said:

    Only recently have i become remotely interested in having cards graded after sitting on them for years and years. One thing i dont understand is on EBAY there are professional sellers who seem to sell quality cards cheap. Many look like they grade really high. So why would they offer them for only a few dollars when it seems they could get much more out of them with a high grade?

    i buy and sell raw cards, sometimes a card might look like itll grade high in a scan but the surface can be scratched causing the card to lose significant value when graded, theres long turn around times with graders, alot of sellers just dont want the hassle of grading, its difficult to find gems when buying raw cards breakers who buy cases of cards will sell stuff very slightly off center or top to bottom its off or the back is way off,   if the deal seems too good to be true theres probably an issue with the card, if your looking to buy gem 10's gotta overpay for raw cards or ya'll just keep gettin i learned that lesson! sometimes i get even when i do over pay 

  5. On 7/20/2021 at 9:59 PM, Kevin D Chapman said:

    Does the cost of grading a card mean the value of the card when it’s ungraded or the potential value?

    grading a card doesnt always increase value just because ya paid psa 150$ to grade your card doesnt mean its over 150$ i just bought an 8$ psa 9, and sometimes a grade can be less then if the card was raw if ya get a 6 on a modern card chances are itll lower the value n probably shoulda left it raw, check comps, learn to screen your cards before submitting goodluck

  6. On 9/11/2021 at 7:32 PM, The Fonz said:

    In deciding which grading company to send my cards; am I better off with one that grades harder or with one which utilizes a less rigid process? I have seen it stated in various venues that CSG is one of the "toughest" grading companies. This has it's obvious pros and cons. But, is it true? 

    Pro - accurate quality assessment              Con - possible lower grade


    depends on the company psa been around long enough they can be more leniant and cards still hold value, but if ya got a wilt chamberlin rookie and your selling for 7G's an experienced collector might want to buy a more accurate graded card from csg,accurate stricter grades typically better for the buyer but over time the strategy of consistent accurate grading the slabs will gain value and if you do get a 10 from csg hopefully it will be percieved as rare and literally pristine and value will reflect so, learn how to screen your cards watch alot of reveals of people who know what there talking about! not people who complain that every card isnt a 10, thats just stupid, if ya do a good job of screening and sending in centered sharp edge cards ya'll do good anywhere you send your cards. ya want consistent so you can gauge what your gonna get hit on and prepare accordingly