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  1. Forgot I bought this one from a fellow boardie. It showed up today with two others and I had to laugh due to being so excited about the other haul that I forgot about these...




    Nice one. You're setting a high bar for niceness in the PCH department -- very high indeed!


    Thank you sir...have you seen any of my other books? Check the sig below. Highest graded PCH and crime are my main collecting focus. I had a chance to pick up a mid grade Captain America 1 the other day and I passed due to all the amazing pre-codes...I'm starting to think that was a bad idea though...


    Oh, I know! Yep, been admiring your books and taste for awhile. :) That is a tough choice though -- one $ for a mid grade Cap 1 would pay for a lot of highgrade PCH, and vice versa. Gotta go with your passion I think, though in this instance it's easy for me to say, as I have and can get the occasional low, mid or highgrade PCH book, whereas Cap 1 isn't in the picture for me. :)




    Gabe, you scored big-time,... no need to look back!


    If this was my bring-home, I would be waking up in the middle of the night and perusing through all this magnificent haul.






  2. Is that a TMIH #3 I see?


    I think issues #7, 11 and 12 are the only ones visible in that pic.


    .... which one is your favorite out of these..... the one that makes you go,"I can't believe I have this book...... " ? GOD BLESS...


    -jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u


    The Crime Does Not Pay 24 9.2


    I'm still shocked.


    That cover is brutal.



  3. Grader's notes? I have to pay for those, correct?


    I don't keep up with all that because I don't sub books. I think now the submitter has access to the notes free of charge. Somebody here will know.


    I was thinking they might have graded it lower because it isn't a pedigree.


    That would be an abomination!


    The fact that it isn't from a pedigree collection or a file copy makes it even cooler to me, because it means that someone took very good care of it for 62 years. I find that simply amazing.


    +1 (thumbs u



  4. Yeah, nothing better than "binge reading" a stack of EC's. I have an un-bagged low grade set (a little over half the run) that I've been accumulating for a white. They sit all mixed up on a shelf and when I get the urge, I grab a handfull.

    Is there a couch for me?


    Any time you're in the hood bro!

    That makes me very happy.






  5. You're a pre-code collector in a hurry! :o





    :gossip: Cool books!


    Thank you, adamstrange. But compared to a lot of you guys, I have much catching up to do. (worship)




    I think you're going at a rate that has already surpassed the # of books I own! :) But as a whole, they look pretty solid. Enjoy them, and do keep an eye out for any amateur restoration -- in such a large quantity of books that can sometimes slip by. :)


    Most definitely. Thanks! (thumbs u