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  1. Nezara. Has this issue been resolved? Interested because I've got a few outstanding with them as well, and I'm getting the same level of silent unprofessionalism. After reading these complaints it seems I'm not the only one wondering if they're qualified to continue being "trusted" representatives.


    I did finally get my book back. It took a few more calls, e-mails, and unresponsive times but the book arrived safely packaged. The slab says the book was signed back in April, no telling why it took 6 months to be graded and returned at that service level. I never got an explanation other than they were busy.


    On the plus side the comic was originally a PGX 1.0 and it came back a 1.8 with the signature on it.


    Overall not a great experience for me, but it looks like sloppy handling and customer service rather than any criminal intent. I'd recommend anyone else dealing with them to go into it with a lot of patience. I did ask for price breakdowns before i sent in my book, but they changed it on me after I paid for expensive shipping. So buyer beware.


    Thanks to all who offered advice.

  2. is it true that if you send books to Anastasia for Stan Lee they just put them all on one invoice so you can't look up the status of your books?


    several people on google+ mentioned they received this response from them.


    I wonder if this explains things. Maybe Anastasia send in a bunch of books at different service levels, but they all come back at the same time to save on shipping. If be OK with that, just wish there was more transparency so I could know in saving some shipping costs.

  3. Thanks for the inputs so far. In a way I'm glad my situation isn't unique, sounding like it's more likely is just normal processing delays.


    In regards to the 275, that includes Stan's signing fee and shipping as well as grading. I don't think I got a breakdown, but that puts the grading fee at probably 100-150. I would have still expected turn around on the order of a week or two not measured in months or years.


    I guess I will give cgc a call and see if they can do anything on their end.



  4. Looking for some advice from the board on handling a CGC related situation. I sent a low grade tales of suspense 39 to Anastasia collectibles in mid February to be signed by Stan Lee and graded as a Signature Series comic by CGC; my understanding was they were an authorized dealer. My comic seems to be lost or something. Here's the timeline of what happened:


    2/15 - Sent in Comic

    2/26 - Anastasia Collectibles acknowledge receiving the comic

    4/1 - Was told my book was signed and provided payment info

    4/14 - Was told my book would be returned in 6-8 weeks, this was surprising because the fee's were $275 and I thought that would be a faster service level...

    6/30 - Sent a message and got no response

    7/11 - Sent another message and was told my comic would be returned in another 6 weeks

    8/28 - Sent a message and was told it would arrive in 1 more week

    9/12 - Sent a message requesting a tracking number - no response

    9/18 - Sent another message asking for tracking number, was told they were out of town and would provide tracking number on 9/20

    9/24 - Sent a message - no response

    9/29 - Sent another message... getting worried my comic was lost.


    At this point I'm worried my comic was lost. It was supposedly signed almost 6 months ago and I was never provided a tracking number, is there any way to track directly with CGC without any sort of documentation or tracking number? Just trying to get my comic back.


    Is this normal grading time for CGC? Do I get some sort of refund on the grading fee's if the grading is supposed to take 5-8 days and it takes 6 months? Are these the times I should expect or are they different for signature series:



    I haven't done this enough times to have any sort of expectations.


    Thanks for any advice you can provide.