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  1. 83A955FF-6995-4182-9F25-C47197EC4ECB.thumb.jpeg.71158ea688b4a759807b3573ff55f746.jpeg4CB138CD-FF32-4F08-86BA-8F86920BB803.thumb.jpeg.9f8c89dac34ac0e4b61d7ec5b5eee876.jpegOk

    This is my grading. No trimming except at the factory with a tired blade.

    Between Obvious mc of Ron Hunt and Ron Brand on the large side. The middle cards match the (mc) and the edges are no more frayed than the average 1970 cards at the time.


    1970 #709 Fiore 
    vg-ex 5(mc)

    1970 #654 Day                                  vg-ex 5(mc)


  2. Yes caution is important but I disagree there is no harm. Their reputation is gone for me,  It is not acceptable when we pay someone for a job who claims to know better than we do, it is imperative that they don’t guess, that they KNOW what they claim to know. Are you saying that if in doubt slap a no grade on it and that is correct? Seriously how many sets of eyes do they have there? Two months and how many people could have looked at these 3 cards. Oddly enough all from the 70’s. This 3 card EV spree is a trend not an anomaly.  Maybe I didn’t rank an experienced grader.  I can actually grade my own cards but  who would trust that. I also like a third party grader.  But I now have proof of my own that the card grading business is de-grading. That is not a guess. I’m a small potato and losing my business won’t hurt anyone. Or csg can send some ungraded cards to me and test ME next time.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I believe your experience(s) are evidence that they are not really able to verify these cards due to lack of knowledge or equipment but will go ahead and stick their EV on it. I love the hobby but the grading obsession is becoming a big business market manipulator. I have had hundreds of cards graded by all the companies for the past 20 years or so. I haven't sold one yet. I'm not a dealer. I have had one t206 come back as trimmed. That's actually common. I had another counterfeit t 206, both graded correctly. While there are jerks out there who try to fool the companies and the collector., I ain't one of them.

    Yeah, I say IF you aren't sure as a grader, trying to grade vintage stock cards, whether a card is trimmed or not, then find another way to insult the customer. PSA missed the TRIMMED HONUS WAGNER years ago, I believe there is no exact science to it and this guessing is a form of recless ignorance. 6% of my order was marked as EV, all WRONG. These cards were all taken from the wax packs by me. That is a very high rate of failure. Unacceptable. I could have just let it go but that's too easy.

  4. The cards in my recent order that the CSG grader labeled as EV, cannot be accurate. I know they put the face of a recent collector bearded guy as the expert on their website. I assume he sits in an office all day. Whoever graded my cards is a someone off the street who read a powerpoint and has zero experience because I have had these cards all my life and KNOW they were never altered in any way so this unfortunately tells me to go back to the real pros in the business and let the amateurs have their fun. Sayonara.