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  1. Hi I need some advice about how to get my comics graded.

    I'm in the UK. I've no experience. I'm quite old so need things explained in step by step simple terms.

    I would like to get my 2000AD comics slabbed, if that is the correct term for having them graded by CGC. 

    I have very early issues from # 1 upwards and some of the have been signed.

    I saw this and thought Id like to get mine graded too.

    How do I do it from the UK?

    Step by step please with any useful links or contacts would be helpful, Ideally from someone who has done similar from the UK or Europe in general or a CGC representative.



    2000ad cgc.png

  2. Hi 

    I saw your question pop up while I was searching google for Dredd news today so thought Id help you out. You can get the orignial 1st print back issues from me. Just ping me a private message here or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/jonnie.soacahtoa
    I've been collecting 2000AD and Judge Dredd for over 40 years.
    Here's the short link to my 2000AD and Judge Dredd group http://www.judgedredd.net/

    All the best