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UPDATE 8/12:  I unexpectedly need to leave town soon because of an ill family member.  This sales thread will stay active and updated, but books purchased after 4:30PM PT today may not ship until the week of Aug. 22.  Sorry about that.  :frown:

My brother recently got rid of some stuff when he moved cross-country.  He took only one short box with him.  These are the comics in his collection he didn't want to keep, and he asked me to try and sell them here.  I'll run a concurrent sale in G/S/B with lots more of his stuff, so please feel free to check out that sale too.  I'll try to get all of these posted in the next week or two.

These books are in my possession.  Satisfaction is guaranteed on any purchase--if you're not happy with something I'll make it right!  There is a kudos link under my avatar.  Rear cover or other pics gladly provided, please ask.  All books are individually bagged and boarded unless noted.  I know how to pack and ship comics safely.  (thumbsu  

Unconditional "Take it" posted or by PM wins over ongoing PM negotiation, but PM offers are welcome.

Sorry, US sales only.  No sales to list dwellers.  Adult content sold to adults only.  

Grading:  If I feel confident giving a grade I will, otherwise I'll do my best to describe any flaws I see in the book.  More pics of any book gladly provided if you need a closer look.

Returns are no problem, please notify me within 3 days of receipt, return freight is on me if I missed or misrepresented something, otherwise buyer pays freight.

Checks, PayPal or Venmo only.   Payment expected within 3 days of invoice.  I’ll send an invoice when the sale is over; let me know if you want one sooner.  

Shipping:  Your choice of USPS method, starting at about $5 for First Class (1-3 books) or Media (12-15 books).  Priority legal envelope (about 8 books) is $10.  Priority box (lots of books) is $15.

Here's a look at what's in the box:



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Page 1

Normalman full run of 12 books, plus 3-D Annual #1.    $25

Arn Saba's Neil The Horse #1.  VF- or so, signed by Arn Saba  $10

Black Zeppelin # 1-3.  $3 for all 3

Flaming Carrot #14.  $4  SOLD!

Flaming Carrot #15.   $6  SOLD!

Flaming Carrot #17.  $20  SOLD!

Friends #3.   $1

Mechthings #1.  F/VF  $2

Ms. Tree lot of 10 books. #15-19, 21-25.  $20  SOLD! 

Adrenalynn Weapon of War.  #1, 2, 4.   $5 for all 3.

Echo #0-#4.  Lot of 5 books   VF or better.  $5 for all.

Gen 13 #21.  VF-.  $2

The Tenth, lot of two books.  #1 The Collected Editions and #6.  VF or VF+ range.  $4 

Spawn #1.    $20

Spawn #166.  Signed by Todd McFarlane.  $50

Airboy and Mr. Monster #1.  VF+.   $3

Cap'n Quick & a Foozle #2.  VF.   $3

Eclipse Monthly #4.  VF.  $3

The New Wave #1.  Two copies.  $2 each, or take 'em both for $3.

Reid Fleming World's Toughest Milkman #1.  VF+ or better  $8

Laffin' Gas #2.  VF.  $2

Tales of the Jackelope #5.   $5

Twisted 3-D Tales #1.   VF.  $5  SOLD!


Page 2

Krazy Kat #5.  3-D glasses included.    $7

Pacific Presents #3.  Eerie Smith and Walter Weary.  VF.  $3

Wild Animals #1.    $4

Ralph Smart Adventures 2 book lot.  Vol. 1, #2 and Vol. 3, #1.   $4 for both.

Minecraft FCBD.  Two copies, VF or better.  $2 each or take them both for $3.

Dragon ring lot of three books.  Vol. 1, #1, Vol. 2 #1, #3.  Take them all for $2.

The Fly lot of three books.  #2-4.  Impact Comics.  VF+ or so.  Take all three for $2.

Faust Love of the Damned lot of five books.   $25.

Spider-Woman #1.  2015.  Nice looking copy with a little bit of creasing on the BC.  $9

Captain Justice #1.   $2

Spider-Man Mutant Agenda #0.  $2

Shadow Riders #1.  Embossed cover, very nice higher grade book.  $2

Marvel 2015 Calendar.  Nice unused condition, no writing inside.  $1

Bleeding Cool FCBD.  VF or better, got a few ticks.  $2

Daredevil # 266.  Newsstand.  F or so.  $2

Daredevil # 27.  2017.  Very nice higher grade book.  $2

Hyperion #3.  2016.  Nice looking copy except for the thumbprint on the cover.  $1

Bizarre Adventures #34.  Very fine or so, production line FC, a few ticks. $4

What The...?! Guide #18.  F or so.  $1

Howard the Duck, movie adaptation 1986.  #1 and #2, missing #3.  Both in the VF range.  $3 for both.

Wizard Guide lot of three magazines.  #39, 58, 61.  1994-6.   $5 for all three.

The Nam Magazine #3.  1988.  VG/F or so.  $5

X-Men Decimation The 198 TPB.  Has #1-5.  1st printing, 2006.   $15

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude TPB.  2014. 1st printing.  $7


Page 3

Preacher Hunters #14 and #15.  Signed by Steve Dillon, no COA.   $10 for both.

DK III The Master race. Book one.   $2

Wonder Woman #150.  Adam Hughes cover.  $10

DC Sampler #1 and #3.  $15 for both.

New Age Comics #1.  Fantagraphics, 1985.  $20

Code Name: Danger #1.  Lodestone Publications, 1985.  F+ or F/VF range.  $3

Cosmos #1.  MicMac Comics 1986.  A very nice looking VG  $3

Death's Head #1, two copies.  Crystal Comics, 1987.  VG/F or so.   $3 for both.

Genepool Genetix #1.  Marvel 1993.  Sealed in bag with cards  $2

Max of the Regulators #1.  Atlantic comics, 1985.  F+ range.  $2

Tunesia #2.  CA Comics, 1987.  VF-.  $2

Bone #9.  1st printing.  VG+ to VG/F  $9

Cutey Bunny #4.  Army Surplus Komikz, 1985.  VF range.  $6

Panda Khan #2.  Abacus Press.  F/VF range.  $7 

Carnage #1.  Eternity, 1987.  F-.  $1

The Dungeoneers #2.  Silverwolf Comics, 1986.  F-.  $1

The Science Fair Story of Electronics and Space Exploration.  Radio Shack giveaway, 1986.  VG+  $1

Gnatrat Book 1.  Prelude Graphics 1986. VG/F.  $1

It's Science #3.  Slave Labor Graphics, 1987.  F+.  $1

Ms. Mystic Deathwatch 2000 #1.  Continuity Comics 1993.  Neal Adams cover.  $1

The One #2.  Epic Comics 1985.  VF or better.  $1

Penguin & Pencilguin #2.  Fragments West Comics 1987.  F or so, some spine wear.  $1

The P. I.s #3.  First Comics 1985.  F+ or F/VF.  $1

Ranma 1/2 Part 6.  Viz Select Comics 1997.  F.  $1

Space Ark #1.  AC Comics 1985.  Nice except for ticks and a hint of stack curl.  $1

Vortex #0.  FCBD 1994.  Water spots FC.  $1

Amazing Spider-Man Riot at Roboworld.  1991 NACME giveaway.  Multiple copies available, VF/VF+ or better range  $2 each, $4 for 3 copies, $10 for 12 copies.

Thanks for looking! :headbang:

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FREEBIES!  Please post claim in the thread, one per purchaser.

Journey #13  Aug, 1984.  Nice except for small chunk in bottom left corner.

Robot Comics #0.  1987.  Color loss FC.

Star Trek/X-Men one shot.  1996  F/VF

Saga #1 reprint.  2014.  Lower grade reader—some cover creasing and spine damage.






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Flaming Carrot #14.  F or F+.  Some ticks, subtle creases, dinged lower left corner.  $4

Flaming Carrot #15.  VF-.  A little soiling or wear and some spine ticks.  $6

Flaming Carrot #17.  Mystery Men!  A very nice high-grade book.  A tiny bit of soiling BC.  $2ALL SOLD! to kmiracleman



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Ms. Tree lot of 10 books. #15-19, 21-25.  Some of these are F/VF with a little cover wear or soiling as the main issue, some are VF.  $20 for the lotSOLD! to Toz





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Adrenalynn Weapon of War.  #1, 2, 4.  Nice books, but number one has a small crease top right FC,#2 and #3 are VF+ range.  $5 for all 3.

Echo #0-#4.  Lot of 5 books (incomplete run, #5 is missing).  VF or better.  $5 for all.




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Gen 13 #21.  VF-.  $2

Glory #1 and #2.  Nice copies, VF+ or better.  $5 for both.  SOLD! to Dr. Balls

Shadowhawk #3.  VF+ or better, small non-CB crease bottom FC . $2  SOLD! to Dr. Balls

The Tenth, lot of two books.  #1 The Collected Editions and #6.  VF or VF+ range.  $4 for both.






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Airboy and Mr. Monster #1.  VF+.   $3

Cap'n Quick & a Foozle #2.  VF.   $3

Eclipse Monthly #4.  VF.  $3

Take all three of these books for $7.





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Laffin' Gas #2.  VF.  $2

Tales of the Jackelope #5.  Very nice high grade book.  $5

Twisted 3-D Tales #1.  No 3-D glasses, not sure if they come with with this book. (shrug)  Can anybody help?  VF.  $5  SOLD! to kmiracleman





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