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For those that don’t know me I am 100% ebay feedback seller for over 25+ years here is a link to my feedback   HERE

 grade and pack my comics well and my feedback shows as much. I dont grade above 9.6 NM+ on any raw book. I do this to both protect my reputation and to benefit the buyer on the chance it does grade higher. I have a Kudo's thread as well   HERE 

I ship in with tons of oversized cardboard (Larger then your books) to protect the books and switch over to boxes after like 10 books or so. Your books will get to you safely I pack very well. I use a ton of oversized cardboard and secure books inside double bagged taped down, so they won't move or get corner dinged in shipping. Flat rate envelopes get the same treatment and I ship long version so I can get a little longer cardboard in the mailer. I ship my comics how I would like them shipped to me.
Payment Methods
Paypal, Money Order/Cashier Check, and Personal Check (Business Hold will apply). I send out spreadsheets at the end of each sales thread to double check and to make sure everything is correct.
US Shipping
Legal Priority Flat Rate
$8.75 for up to 12 books. Remember more books means less packing. I use legal flat rates so they are much longer and packing is much better in them, but keep in mind the more you put in the less packing I can use. I reserve the right to lower that amount on a lot of very high grade books. 
Medium Flat Rate Box- $15.50 well packed with cardboard to avoid damage and can fit around 30 or so in there. 
Media Mail
I got no problem using Media mail, but the buyer must accept the fact that it may be opened and damaged in inspection.  Which is out of my hands.  If you are not comfortable with this then don't select media mail when I send you a quote. If you are okay with that risk then its $5.50 unlimited books. I will pack them in a cardboard brick for safe transit. It will take you time to open them.
International Shipping
I am sorry to say, but shipping internationally got much more expensive with a rate change this past year. If you try to make the shipping complicated with Customs forms I will just ship your books and the customs are on you. (I've had a few in the past that want me to spend hours trying to fill it out to their specifications so they don't pay customs not my issue.)
Flat Rate Envelope - $29.75(12 books is max) Again I use legal flat rates which are longer so I can pack better. First Class Shipping - $15.00 one book add $1.00 per book after that up to about 4-6 books then the weight makes it unable to do more and will have to switch to flat rate.
Flat Rate Envelope $39.75 (12 book max) (Post Office Rate Change)
I can also ship flat rate box as well. I can get your quotes on med or large box if needed. It is cheaper to ship in a Priority Long box then 2 flat rate envelopes. It is slightly cheaper to some countries via flat rate and I will refund if it is.
Priority Box Version - I can fit about 30 books or so well packed with cardboard in a priority regular long box. This cost would be subject to weight and location of shipment. It is still much cheaper then a Medium Flat rate long box. I ship all over the world, but please inquire on rates. Some international buyers still don't understand there is no way to ship comics cheap international. Once you pass a flat rate envelope of say 12-15 books the cost sky rockets.
HOS members please don't bother as me I won't honor your transactions no matter what. You earned your spot there. There are two board members who I would suggest not to participate in this thread I will not honor your sale. They know who they are and have been told in the past not to purchase from me due to problems on their end in other sales threads. The ignore function means you won't be buying from me either.
Return Policy
Notify me and simply return the book if you are unhappy I will refund no issues. Please keep it within 2 weeks of delivery date at your address. I think that is more than enough time to review a book. A book might be pressed. I buy from all types of stores, shops, dealers and personal collections there is no way I can see this all the time I try to point it out when its obvious. If this is a problem for you I suggest you do not purchase from me. 
   :takeit: takes the book, but in case of 2 people between PMs and the board I will use time stamps to decide the person who takes the book. I reserve the right as seller to decide between the  :takeit:and the PM based of the negotiation at the time. This is only fair if the discussion involves additional books, pricing, shipping etc.. I will refer all buyers to this paragraph if they are discussing a disputable time table on a buy.
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Posted (edited)

1.) International buyers especially new board members - There is no way to ship cheaply overseas None. 1st class is almost as expensive now as flat rate is which is your best option. I say this because almost every time I get an international buyer that freaks when they get the shipping bill at end of my sale. I ship at my cost and packing. I wish I could ship it cheaper to you its just not possible. Flat rate is your best choice, but its comes at a cost and a certain number of books you can get it safely.

2.) Grading - I grade no higher than NM+ 9.6 and NM+ is perfect to me. I don't care if the book is perfect in every form its still NM+ for me. Why? To protect my reputation as a seller and to allow the buyer if they so choose to slab the book to get a higher grade. Ask Junkdrawer I sold him 4 Scooby 12s newsstands  as 9.6 they all came back 9.8. He got the benefit and my reputation doesn't take a hit.

3.) Back Scans -  I will be more than happy to back scan any book for you just ask. Otherwise I usually wont back scan unless I grade it NM+ or its over say $20  or so. Otherwise it just takes up too much time. I encourage questions about any books.


4.) Slabs - My scanner cant hold a slab so I take cell pics. I do the best I can, but I cant match a large scanner yet. I can answer any questions and take close ups if you need. 

Those 4 questions I get in PMs will get referred to this post this time around.

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Thats it for the night. All have more tomorrow and alot the rest of the week.

I bought out a newsstand distributor family from the late 2000s as well so
I have a TON of newsstands from 2007 to 2010 in NM that you will see a bunch.

Quite a few virgins, some sets and runs as well as cheaper $1 to $5 books as well.


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