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My White Whale

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I’m sitting here contemplating whether to open the box I just received from Fed-Ex. Last year I submitted two copies of New Mutants 58 to run the gauntlet. This gauntlet of course went through the process of pressing and then grading. I only chose two copies to submit out of some thirty odd assortment of the same issue. I did this with the hope I could finally achieve every single issue in a 9.8 between 1 and 100.  This has not been easy. 


The box in question currently sits on my table and I’m reminded of Schrödinger’s cat. I was tempted to look at my grades once I noticed that they were graded and shipped. I refrained with the help of a small support group telling me not to look... and I do like to look. I don’t think I’ll refrain again. At the moment I believe I have two 9.8 copies of issue 58 sitting in there waiting for the fresh air to release them.  I also believe that once I open it, they will suddenly find themselves a much lower grade. Currently, the highest grade I own is my own personal copy (9.6 SS) I purchased when the book just came out. The last I checked the census, there were two copies graded a 9.8. 


One other package is also on the way back, a magazine from April of 1972. I also had CCS press this before CGC graded it. I’m hoping that after the press this one will be a 9.4... of course I didn’t count the pages so it very well might be a .5. I am debating to open the package I have now and find out what my grades are or leave it in the box until the magazine is delivered tomorrow and allow the cat to live a little bit longer????



Thank for Reading 





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Recommended Comments

1st What is special about NM 58? 

2nd Yes open the box immediately!!!

We want to know what the grade are!!!!!!! & so do you !!!!!!


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