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Why can't I just be happy with collecting lower grade books? I'd save so much $$ if I could just be happy with books that fall into the good-fine+ category. All I'd have to do is ignore the outer edges of the books, and focus on the centers, but no, my eyes go directly to the even the smallest of faults, and they bother me. In some instances, the faults won't stop me from buying something, but bother me they do, sometimes occupying my thoughts for long periods of time after seeing them. I'm that


Artifiction in The Collection

Comic Trading Challenge- November 15th Update

Alright, so for those who need a recap...I started with a CGC 9.6 Spawn #1 Newsstand, a CGC 9.6 Hulk #340 and $500 cash. The goal? Use the cash and books to trade/buy and sell my way to better things. The rules? Only books acquired along the way can be included in the journey. If I acquire a book I have doubles of, I can enter the duplicate (even if it is a book I acquired long ago) as part of the challenge. Otherwise, I cannot just add books from my "to sell" pile at home to this challenge.

My Comic Shop Consignment

Packaged up all of the books from my recent VCC booth and sales thread . I will be sending them off to My Comic Shop Consignment. Figured I would give them a try considering what other board members have posted about their results.   I am sending in 34 graded books. This is the largest single shipment of graded books that I have ever sent. Due to my CIS policy I shipped Fed Ex. Here is the invoice.  Total of 34 CGC graded books all in one box. Measuring 21"×17"×18" total weight wa

Jock Signing

Ok so I debated this one until it is probably too late, but sent it off today anyway.  Will see if I wasted shipping or if CGC will still take it.  I have a copy of Detective Comics #880 Newsstand that I got pretty cheap that was previously graded CGC 7.0 main defect is on the back and kinda looks like it breaks color as the press more than likely will not help. Still taking a chance to see.  Without further delay..  window bag and  color..  package.   shippsh

Dover's Journal of life in tiny snippets of text

November 7, 2021 Happy Birthday dad. For all the good and all the bad that were the most of Us The smiles and sads along the path were filled with all the fuss. Disney joy and corvette summer, home away from home At times I find myself within and feeling all alone.  I hope you're well, aloft, on high looking down and me At times I glance and squint the sun if only I could see. Michael


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In The Meantime…

As I continue my search for my infamous ‘last 9.8’ life must go on. This is where I will talk about my collecting endeavors related to this set and things that come my way... in the meantime.  The inspiration for this entry is this Cyborg Superman 1:3 scale statue by Prime 1 Studios. This statue was worth the wait!  I ordered this in January 2019 and finally received it last week.  Almost three years!  I did the payment plan option through Sideshow and had this paid off for over a year... t

World's Finest 178

A book that does not come up too often for sale in high grade. One of the few covers I like by Neal Adams on this title. What's interesting here is that the cover features the first Green Arrow illustration by Adams, a character who would, of course, become one of Neal's signature heroes later on. That would also include the new costume and facial hair. It's good to be back at the journals after a five month hiatus. Enjoy the image.

john ivic

john ivic in DC Team Up

Comic Book store - "Heroes" and Heroes and Champions Comics - Sunnyvale and Campbell CA

I found two stores well worth the visit in the area between San Fran and San Jose. Easy to stop and shop on the way to the airport. Heroes - 24 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 - Heroes Heroes and Champions Comics - 574 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087  I started at the 24 E location and found a large amount of high grade Marvel horror from the 70's as well as Epic Illustrated I needed but most of all, a nice Conan 37 CGC 9.6 WP Adams book. After buying a large stack, they

Dover's Travels

11/1/2021: If you find yourself in Colorado Springs and decide to drive West to a town called Salida you will drive through the Rockies and be presented with spectacular views of wide open spaces. If you then take a Northern route back to Denver you will see more of the Rockies and find yourself in a snow storm at some point above 9500 feet. The drive is hard from the perspective that at least once every mile you feel as if you should stop to take a picture; it's that nice, that beautiful b


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Dover's Journal of life in tiny snippets of text

Your first job as a parent is to prepare your child to leave. This is typically a 18+ year journey and the results of your efforts are a long time in coming. I recently got a first glimpse into my teaching and preparation after learning about some of my son's college life.  His daily routine includes getting up everyday at 7:30 (AM), working out and finishing with a cold shower before getting ready for his 11:00 classes. He only drinks water (for the most part) and looks for healthy food as


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Action Comics #683 and I

Action Comics #683 (November, 1992) is a book I'm quite fond of, not only for the cover art, but also for the era that the book was published in, collectively referred to in the hobby as the Post-Crisis era. I also call this time frame Post-Crisis, Pre-Doomsday (1986-1992, or Pre-Death and Return of Superman), which is my favorite era of Superman reading material, focusing on great stories and character development for all the main and supporting characters involved. I did not start reading

One more order to fill up the packing box. ;)

Rather than filling up the rest of the box with bubble wrap, sending off 5 more books.   As I reread them one last time, I noticed the Action Comics one with the Teen Titans that the "Man of Steel" contest form which also in Superman #1 was somewhat bent and thus was somewhat indenting the pages in front of it soooo will the pressing of the book smooth out the minor indenting? Guess I will find out if not probably come back like a 9.2.  I always liked the 1st cover of the mini-series for Supergi

Neal Adams - the Superboy run

People tend to focus on keys and main stream titles but for me, the glory of Neal Adams has always been on its finest display through the 26 issue run of Superboy covers. It is almost as if DC said here you go, tell a story of a teenager in life and keep the Super Villain's out of it. Just focus on the boy, the Superboy, in a teenage body full of angst and hormones. Even if the chemistry is from Krypton kids are still kids on any world. I am 15 issues into this run and when finished, it will be

Waking in a moment of time....

I call these episodes "waking in a moment of time". These are moments or realization, when you wake up and realize what is happening, what you are doing are tiny little glimpses into what makes you smile or feel alive but they happen in real time; not in reflection.... Taiwan - Jason - travel life. "I woke up in a moment" while riding with my good friend Jason in Taiwan. I met him through work and even through a language barrier, we seem to have a connection. The people of Taiwan are b

Dover's Journal of life in tiny snippets of text

This is about my daughter, Sarah. Sarah was accepted to ECU, Eastern Carolina University. This will be her first acceptance. She was excited but hesitant. In her words as I remember (some added), and they are glorious: “I was accepted but overall it seems a bit shady. See, they accepted me but they have a long list of things I need to do in order to be really accepted. I still have to finish school, send in my transcripts, keep my grades up (do not commit a felony) and all the things I


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Well, time to send some books down before the year is over.

Since the turn around at CGC has been very long, I have not sent any books to them because of it but next week is gonna be October.   So if I send them down in October maybe they will get a chance to look at them in December, har har har har.   I forgot that my Superman #4 was newstand edition, so I'm curious what Grade I will get outta that one.  As for Birds of Prey, I already sent the first 2 issues of the mini-series and got a 9.6 and a 9.8 so I'm curious what grades will be for the last 2. 


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Something Funny...

I've had a couple different WTB posts as my search for all of the books in my set progressed.  I gave up on the first couple as I was still new to the Forums and didn't understand how to put the books in one post, provide an offer price, bump it, etc. Then on 2 June 2020 I started a fresh WTB post for the last handful of books I needed... that post led me to find a few and I also submitted a few myself to whittle the number of books down...there were finally just two, and then one... the bo

Bronze Marvel Hanna-Barbera

Its taken so many years  to put this set together and i'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  7 short titles that ran from 1977-1979  . Its been  fun and  challenging chasing down such unconventional titles and I have to admit i'm sorry to see its almost complete, however there is always other titles/comics to find and collect     Comics Set Detail (     I now have found the remaining 3 Yogi Bears to submit to  CGC and hopefully they grade high enough


So the other day one of these popped up on eBay for $350.00 BIN... raw!  I have to be honest and say that if I really thought that a copy of this book had a legitimate chance at 9.8 I don't think that price is too too (yes, two too's) high.  However, in order to fork out that much cash for a raw I would need tons of pics and be pretty confident with what I see. I'm not trying to criticize the seller at all as anyone has the right to ask what they think something is worth... on the other han


Iconic1s in Declined!

The Scarecrow

In my last journal entry, I spoke to my plans to target Batman #189 for the Rogues Gallery.  Well, I did it. Ages ago, actually (in mid-May with an early June delivery)... But it turns out I am terrible at making time to update my journal and my registry sets.  I absolutely LOVE this book. I have to thank @Wall-Crawler for spotting it over at @gregreece's and letting me know. #Legend. This is exactly what I was after - a mid-grade book that presents beautifully. I could sit here


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