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Flash 204

Just won this from the Comic Link auction. Had this one before in 9.4, but like many books in my collection I sold it during the pandemic. So here I've managed an upgrade.  One of several issues on this title Neal Adams did during the early seventies. Most of them were also in this same auction. Enjoy.

Some You Win, Some You Lose

Bid for this book last night in the Comic Connect auction, which featured Conans 1-24, all in pristine 9.4 grade with white pages. Alas, I was outbid at the end. A beautiful cover by Barry Windsor-Smith, my favorite of his from the Marvel picture frame era. Being a CVA copy, the winning bid was quite high for this grade - $361. Well, better luck next time. There are a couple of slabbed 9.6s coming up for auction at Heritage, so I'll a have go with one of those.

Neal Adams - Archie work

I was sorting through and indexing all of my magazines and I came across the Neal Adams index from 1974. Wow, what fun. But the index does include the Archie work. It is not very defined, but titles are there. Maybe we can all find them together.  


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I haven't done a journal entry in 5 1/2 years!

So let's do this! In a text to my wonderful girlfriend today, I said something to the effect of "it's like a cloud of lousy has been hanging over this whole week."   And it's the truth, we've both felt that way about our respective work weeks.  But that also makes me smile when I reflect on just how much higher the floor is for "lousy" than it used to be in my life.   Looking at the calendar, today (May 26th, but my typing carried over into the 27th) is actually the 9 month annive


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My new comic is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

I'm excited to announce that my new comic, The Crimebusters #4, is now live on Kickstarter!   This one has been a lot of work for a long time. I've had a lot of health issues, and I drew this entire 36 page issue while lying down. But it's done, and I'm really excited, as this is my first issue that in color instead of black and white.    Thanks for all the support with this project!    

The Grade Is In - A conserved winner!

The grade is in and the experiment is now fully complete - I am officially a conservation nerd! CGC correctly flagged the married cover as well as all the work done - and all of that passed the test in order to get a Conserved grade of 3.0! This is honestly slightly higher than I was expecting (my initial estimate was 2.5 at most), and even the White pages is an amazing cherry on top. How it started:  0.5 incomplete, its life is in shambles.  How it's going:  3.0 conserved, ballin' with whi

Neal Adams - thank you

Yeah, I knew Neal; I knew him well. You see he used to draw for me from some never ending well of talent and color; creations built upon a mighty palette. A wheel that circled and changed, brought forth lines and magic for my eager mind to absorb. He would tell me stories of heroes and villains; equal to both so that neither were greater. He put me to bed and then made it fly, shrieks of terror and nowhere to hide. He penciled the man with Super powers and he did this for me so I could understan