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Peanuts - covers - graded and raw - ones I have, had or desperately want back

I first built a Peanuts collection 20 years ago. I got many graded and had a sweet registry set. For various reasons I sold them all for pennies based on current demand. When I got back to collecting I was able to score (4) of these from a boardie and one from E-bay. These are hard to find in grade, any grade. Kids read these, colored these and trashed them. I am happy to own these and while I would like better copies, I think I would like raw copies first. I have owned a 190 raw before but neve


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TMNT #10 Acquired!

While I wait on CGC grading of my collection, I've begun acquiring CGC 9.8 graded copies as well.   Most Recently #10, I think the teens are going to be difficult so I will move as best I can in sequence. CGC 9.8 currently shown in Journal:  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 14.5% complete!  


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My Top 50

Reboot of an earlier journal....   After years of trying to collect every comic I could find, I once owned 100,000 comics (most of them almost worthless).  By selling, trading, and buying; I transformed my collection to just 50 comics.  I previously created a journal picturing those 50 comics.  Late last year I parted with half of my books to buy a childhood grail of mine.  I have slowly been adding comics to get back to 50.  I tried to edit my last journal, but I was unable to change

Superman #75 Platinum Ash Gonzales

This was one I decided a while back that I wanted to commission.  Here is the original book that I sent to Ash Gonzales.  We had several discussions about what I would like to have done to this book, placement, etc and I sent the book to him to work on. The full process took roughly a year. I recieved several messages with updates and pictures throughout the process.  Here are some of those.  It made it to CGC and actually went through the grading really quick. ( my only issue is

my personal collection...

I'm going to take an opportunity once a week to post a book from my Personal Collection. I'll try to share the when, where, and why each book was chosen...depends on if I can remember. My personal collection is ever-evolving and limited to 49 CGC slabs and 1 raw book. (but once CGC grades treasury sized books it'll be a solid 50) Why 50? Simple. It is the number of books that fit in two plastic short boxes. Just enough to grab in case of an emergency or not take up too much room

It all comes to the space I have to store my comics. :)

Looking at my titles that I have read over the years.... the only mild interest I have reading in today's comic market are a few short DC series, Wondergirl and that's it. ;( I guess DC made it pretty easy for me to wind down my comic reading.  looking at my titles that I have read over the years.... the only mild interest I have reading in today's comic market are a few short DC series, Wondergirl and that's it. ;( I guess DC made it pretty easy for me to wind down my comic readi

Superman #16: Conserve or restore?

Not unlike this book itself, I'm torn! Recently acquired this seriously chewed copy with intention of doing one or the other, but not sure which way to go, though I do know that I will submit this afterwards for grading. At a minimum, I intend to leaf-cast the cover and every interior wrap to fill out the missing paper. That, along with a dry-cleaning of the cover, would hopefully come in just under the wire with a conserved grade. But it's also tempting to go further and restore the missing art


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No restoration needed ('nuff said)

The goal should always be to avoid "restoring" comic books when possible, but the accepted alternative methods for improving their appearance are limited to, basically, dry cleaning. I always keep an eye out for low-grade books with defects that upon closer inspection may be corrected with Absorene pads or putty, vulcanized rubber erasers, Magic Eraser, etc. Looking at a messed up cover, for instance, it's easy to mistake moisture transfers -- which often can be removed -- for color loss, which


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Collecting Thoughts and Views - packaging

I am constantly amazed when a seller packages and ships raw books with the cover(s) facing out towards any protective piece of cardboard or worse to bubble wrap. Most know to use cardboard, larger than the books. Most are learning about taping, using painter's tape or leaving a tab to make pulling easy. Most know it is very helpful to use an external bag and place the comics inside so no tape goes onto the actual bag of the comic. Some think about not taping along the spine. But I cannot underst

Police Lineup #1

So, this one I got for five bucks on eBay. The interior is not bad, but the cover is missing a good 1 to 2 inch strip down the entire spine. Not sure exactly how that happened (the tear pattern isn't typical of a remaindered copy), but my goal is to restore the missing portion of the cover and reattach it to the interior via the original staples. It's a fun book -- a nice Easter egg is the Wally Wood art on the inside cover. Storywise, it's the usual hard-boiled early '50s crime stuff, but this


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J74: I should be content with ..

... 5 HGCs,  7 FIRSTS,  the 3 9.8s,  4 FIRST 9.6s (1 HGC),  1 FIRST 9.4,  2 FIRST 9.2s,  ALL ... WHITE PAGES,  18 SIGNATURES,    ... but what  I am SO GLAD  to have  HAD DONE (after SO-O LONG, 35 YEARS) is my FISH POLICE #7 (WITH .. my date stamp:  'FEB 18 RECD'),  . . . ... WHICH ... IS ..  SIGNED BY  the CREATIST (STEVE MONCUSE), the LEDDITOR (PAUL NAGY), the PUBLISHER, the BUSINESS GUY, AS WELL



Countries I have seen

Not sure I have ever done this but no time like the present. I have done some traveling, seen a few things and met a few people. I am on my 4th passport and a million+ miles. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, India Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belgium (French and native), Netherlands, Sweden, UK Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Bahamas, Canada Australia I have seen the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort of Agra. I have walked the Forbidden City and smiled at Mt F


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Why can't I just be happy with collecting lower grade books? I'd save so much $$ if I could just be happy with books that fall into the good-fine+ category. All I'd have to do is ignore the outer edges of the books, and focus on the centers, but no, my eyes go directly to the even the smallest of faults, and they bother me. In some instances, the faults won't stop me from buying something, but bother me they do, sometimes occupying my thoughts for long periods of time after seeing them. I'm that


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Comic Trading Challenge- November 15th Update

Alright, so for those who need a recap...I started with a CGC 9.6 Spawn #1 Newsstand, a CGC 9.6 Hulk #340 and $500 cash. The goal? Use the cash and books to trade/buy and sell my way to better things. The rules? Only books acquired along the way can be included in the journey. If I acquire a book I have doubles of, I can enter the duplicate (even if it is a book I acquired long ago) as part of the challenge. Otherwise, I cannot just add books from my "to sell" pile at home to this challenge.


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