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The New Mutants

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The New Mutants

As it was with collecting comic books, it was the New Mutants that drew me into the grading community. I was new and naive. I did not get the small intricacies between a 9.8 and a 9.6. I didn’t realize what a trimmed cover was or how you could tell if a book was restored, But over the years I have learned that as much as I have learned there is still so much more to absorb.


I met Bagofleas through the registry, as I did others, but it was the New Mutants set that I desired to have a complete run of. It wasn’t as complete as it is now. There was only one slot for a Marvel Graphic Novel. The point system was not high…only 25 for a 9.8 in most of the books. I looked over what was the number one set and decided I wanted to be there. Eventually I made it…and lost it again.


I reclaimed the spot, but never during a time when the awards were to be handed out again. Money got tighter and the desire and ability to get the whole set in a 9.8 changed to getting the whole set in a 9.8 signed and then wained. Eventually to find happiness again my collecting goals changed. I still wanted the best New Mutants set, but I wasn’t actively seeking the books I needed…and then when I found them, a lack of grade or lack of money stopped me.


As I worked on two custom sets earlier this year, I decided to check back to my favorite set and noticed I was no longer number one, but neither was bagofleas…a new upstart has taken over the number one spot although it was obscured I knew he completed what I hoped to one day do…and I knew he had what I was searching for…that vaunted copy of New Mutants 58 in a 9.8.


Twice this set has received notable honors. Once by myself in 2012 for the Best Copper Age set. Once by Bagofleas in 2014 for the The Best Presentation and I can only hope that 2020 the underrated under-pointed New Mutants (1983) set will once again belong to a top rated set contender…NashVegas13. If I ever had a crown for this set, I hand it off to you. Well Done…Well done!

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We met from your love of New Mutants, and now that you finished I guess we have to unfriend! Congrats on completing your full run, take time to really soak it in and enjoy it man. Well done!

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