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$37,200 vs $158



I recently watched the Mile High II CGC 10 copy of Thor 156 sell for a staggering $37,200 on Heritage Auctions. I had been looking to upgrade my 9.4 to at least a 9.6 for some time. Thor 156 is common in high grades similar to Thor 132. Not that hard to find. Seeing that copy, it lit a fire under me to finally get an upgrade. I managed to find a 9.6 on a dealer site for $210 but he had a promotion so I got it for $158. I'd love to have the 10 but for 99% of collectors it's not going to happen.. Now while common in high grades the 10 is one of only two from the 1930's to 1974. An 8 page promotional comic is the other 10. So I'm happy the CGC 10 came up as it motivated me to get my upgrade.

Thor 156 a.JPG



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I too would be happy with the 9.6.I just wonder what the 10.0 would grade at now.It's an old label isn't it?

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I actually still want the 9.4 but there are 2 9.4's on Ebay right now and a 9.6. Worldwide has a raw nm Savannah pedigree on there site.

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from an investment (return) perspective, you might be better off with the 9.6. it's in a 'sweet spot' of affordability to a large audience with room to grow (you got it at a discount, so you already up a few bucks on it) vs the 10 which only appeals to a very small audience (those who are willing to and can afford it)

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Nice pick up. As a comic collector it’s hard to criticize anyone for what they buy but you are way ahead of the game imho. 

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I remember the day that this hit $10K for the early 10.0    at the time I said this is nuts  who knew it

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