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The Po'Boy EERIE Collection

The Po'Boy EERIE Collection

This is where my Warren collecting began.  After finding 7 EERIEs and 7 CREEPYs from my teen years in a storage box in January of 2022, I set out to get all of them.  And that was literally my goal, to simply have a copy of every issue--I was completely ignorant as to grading/quality/value--I simply wanted a copy of every issue, as cheaply as possible.

My goal, in fact, was to spend less than $10 per issue, landed (including any applicable tax and shipping charges), and it's probably fortunate that I decided to start with the EERIEs in that respect.  At the time, the decision was based on my vague understanding of EERIEs being more episodic in nature, with CREEPYs being more anthologic--so it made sense to get all the EERIEs first if I wanted to follow all their story and character arcs.  I was buying them to READ, after all; not as collectibles.

But now that I have some experience with the Warren market, it retrospectively seems that EERIEs in general are not valued as highly as CREEPYs (and certainly not as highly as VAMPIRELLAs), so I kind of fell backwards into picking the right series to try obtain for under $10 per issue.

Unfortunately, after what I had to pay for even low-grade copies of EERIE #17 and EERIE #23, I didn't quite achieve my goal of $10 per issue landed--the actual average was $10.87 per issue landed--but I DID come in at $8.44 per book BEFORE tax and shipping charges.  (Of course, I still don't have a #1--but NOBODY has #1.)

So there are large chunks of this collection that are pretty rough--but at the same time, a large proportion of that roughness is exhausted in the first third of the collection.  By the middle third, more of the issues move from VG/F (and under) quality to the F/VF range, and the final third of the collection actually has a large percentage of very nice looking books.  That said, I think the best-looking book in my entire run is the #6, which looks to me like the only Niner of the EERIEs.

So if you can find the right lots at the right times, you too can own a full run of (mostly) decent reader EERIEs (well, except #1--but NOBODY has #1) for about $10 per book on the Po'Boy Plan--where low prices are everything, and quality is no object!

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