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Other Warranted Warrenesque Warrenness

Other Warranted Warrenesque Warrenness

Ok, this will likely be my last gallery--I promise--unless I come into a great deal of money and decide to take on Famous Monsters of Filmland after all!

Barring that, this gallery displays those books in my collection that aren't strictly Warren publications, but which wouldn't exist without the Warren publications that came before them.  In many cases, they provide a forum for several of the same writers and artists that worked on the Warren magazines and characters (although I'm not sure what Harris was thinking with their incarnation of The ROOK).

With all of the authentic Warren magazines being 40-65 years old now, and many of them showing their age, it's kind of refreshing to see some pristine modern work from the same contributors--chief among them Kelly, Sanjulian, and Frazetta, among whom the first six covers of Warrant's The CREEPS are distributed equally.

I have posted the Harris issues of the original Warren runs (CREEPY #146 and VAMPIRELLA #113) both here--as they are not actually Warren publications--and in the CREEPY and VAMPIRELLA galleries--as they both fit naturally into those native numbering sequences, and were released relatively shortly after the demise of Warren.  Sorry for the redundancy.  :)

In the case of the two ongoing Warrant titles (SHUDDER and VAMPIRESS CARMILLA), I will be updating each year's back issues and annuals every Christmas, so long as they are printed and I am still alive.  All other listed titles are in hand and will be posted shortly, in turn.

The CREEPS (Warrant): #1 - #32 + 4 Annuals

CREEPY (Dark Horse): #1 - #24

CREEPY (Harris): #146

CREEPY The Classic Years (Harris)

CREEPY The Limited Series (Harris): #1 - #4 + 1993 Fearbook

EERIE (Dark Horse): #1 - #8

EERIE Greatest Hits (Harris)

FREAKY (Arco): #1

Pantha (Harris): #0 - #2

The ROOK (Dark Horse): #1 - #4

The ROOK (Harris): #0 - #4

SHUDDER (Warrant): #1 - #7 + 2023 Annual ( #8 - COMING/ONGOING)

VAMPIRELLA (Harris): #113

VAMPIRESS CARMILLA (Warrant): #1 - #11 + 2023 Annual (#12 - COMING/ONGOING)

"COMING/ONGOING" means all previous back issues and annuals will be updated each year around Christmas.

If it doesn't say anything but the title, it's already posted.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through the Warren publications... and beyond!

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