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  1. Shipped via UPS ground. Label created on the 17th this month. Recently scanned on the 23rd. It will be here in a few days. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, still nothing. Only received tracking through email. Hopefully it arrives with no sub grade surprises! Happy bday Mike!
  3. Resubmitted card for mechanical error (label error) is shown as "shipped" but does not provide tracking number and sub grades? The status has just updated today, maybe I need to wait a little longer for the website to further update information?
  4. Made me feel sick when I saw the announcement.. Like really? PWCC?? After what all they've done? I would NEVER send my cards to PWCC. Now that PWCC has a position in CGC, I am definitely thinking twice about my next submission to CGC. *sigh* If I have to pay the premium and wait a 1yr+, so be it. Good thing I haven't sent my higher end cards to CGC yet.
  5. Hello! I have a submission in at the moment with a card that has 2 variant prints. One with regular foil and one with gold stamped foil. I entered my card info with "gold stamped" in the variant field to find out later after it's in "scheduled for grading" that the variant info I had entered is no longer there and it's back to the original name of the card. The card set number is the same for both but the foil printing is visually different. I've emailed customer service about it already but just seeing if I can get a faster response here. Thank you!
  6. It's just my opinion but I would imagine centering being a total of 10 points, therefore each side of the card is 2.5 points. Then they deduct by 0.5 point increments depending on how much it is off centered on each side. Again, its my thought in the grading process so who knows