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  1. I took the plunge and purchased this copy of Golden Comics Digest #31 8/73 on eBay. I needed it for my run but had been holding out for a HTF, higher grade copy. After holding out for a few years, I pretty much forgot about the book and focused on the more available issues. Then, not too long ago, Jayman...I think.... posted a copy of the book in the dragons and dinosaurs thread. His post renewed my interest in looking for a copy. I started searching the internet and any other options I could think of, with no success. I had all but given up the search when one day, out of the blue, I receive an email notice from ebay, informing me that a Turok had been listed and that I should "BUY IT NOW"!! I checked the auction and looked over the expected, small pics. They gave no real clue of the grade. The book was described as being NM with a small abrasion on the upper right corner Since i've been burned many times before by raw, eBay/NM books, I was skeptical I contected the seller (basementcomics) about the condition of the book and checked the scans a trillion times without seeing any major flaws other than the slight abrasion already mentioned by the seller. I decided that the book could be worth the risk and also reminded myself that it could be a long time before another higher grade copy comes around. I took the chance, hit the BIN and told myself that even if it turned out to be a 9.2, i'd be happy. I received the book today and think that (Basementcomics) was real close with their NM grade. It's glossy and the only real flaw that I can find is the very small abrasion on the FC / URC and the spot on the top edge (looks huge in the scan) To be honest, i'd be happy even if it turned out to be slightly under NM -. Thanks for looking.
  2. That's not necessary. I really have never seen a Playgirl and I always wear pants when i'm online.
  3. Why do this??? Because you paid the asking price and the Seller is a bad guy??? Two wrongs do not make one right... CAL the Seller today... Um...I was joking.
  4. Wow those supermans are like telling your life story greggy Cover 1:Greggy strikes out a lot. Cover 2:Women are toughener then greggy. Cover 3:Even desperate women don't want greggy. Cover 4:When they see greggy in natural light they are horrified! Cover 5:Women belittle greggy. Isn't toughener something you put on steak?
  5. All will be for sale when I get home in a few weeks. Can't afford to keep them.
  6. I can see why you're buying. Great colors....
  7. Sweet! I really like the Invaders. Good going. (thumbs u
  8. I've always wondered what those were called. Eye stalks