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  1. Dispute with CC. One of the online card shops tried this with me and were going to hold several boxes until some of my pre-sell stuff was ready to ship together. I mentioned the CC agreement was 30 days for items in stock and they shipped immediately. eBay should have the same agreement in order to accept Visa, MC etc.
  2. 1003652006 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs CRA-CB Corbin Burnes Atomic Refractor *** 1007899004 2019 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs RA-CB Corbin Burnes
  3. 130pt.com/sales You'll be able to see the Best Offer Accepted price.
  4. That's closer to 74 business days. It's my understanding the date the clock starts is when it is marked received, so the 6/4 date would start the count.
  5. Just to give you a better idea of where it might be at. My Standard 10 card order was delivered on May 10th (no mailbox, they have a USPS receiving area on site). It was shown as received and entered on 06/23. It was shipped back to me on 07/27. My next Standard 20 card order was delivered on May 17th. It was shown as received and entered on 9/1 and is currently scheduled for grading.
  6. I may be mistaken, but sometime that first or second week of May the prices went up. Anything delivered by the deadline got the old pricing. As expected, they probably got crushed by submissions.
  7. Wasn't this a topic on BOC forum? That place is getting just as bad as some of the Facebook groups.
  8. I downloaded it, but couldn't figure out how to list on it.
  9. I think what you're asking is about the declared value of a card? The price you pay to CSG is based on your tier and any other additional things like subgrades. The declared value is whatever you can find for comparative sales. I typically take an average of the most recent sales of that particular card. You can also use Beckett price guide I would guess. I'm not sure how often it gets updated, but value tends to flex weekly.
  10. That should tell you something about PSA. The corner has cardboard fingerlings coming off of it and it still gets a 10. PSA gives a 10, even if a card has 60/40 centering.
  11. For real. I wouldn't expect IT, network administration or accounting to be grading cards.
  12. Mine was delivered May 10th and entered on June 23. It took another month before it shipped back to me.
  13. How many cards in your standard order? Mine was 8 cards total, all 2018-2020 chrome autos.
  14. Is it over 90 days? I think you might have to enter your submission number in the search box if it's over 90 days.
  15. Definitely this. I didn't have one on file for my first order and realized that on the submission form, the CC was starred out except the last 4 digits. I was able to email accounting and get it straight.
  16. Second order for PC was sent standard with subs. Arrived May 10th and was received back July 29th. That's 56 working days and 81 calendar days (3 holidays). When they arrived, standard was 47 days. Not bad considering the explosion in submissions.
  17. On my first order, I received an invoice via email. I wrote back to the woman who sent the email and provided her my CC and it was processed that day. I didn't look at my original copy I sent very closely, but I realized the CC number was starred out... which makes sense. After that, they were graded and shipped.
  18. Kroger's cards are on their marketplace. They are usually sold by a 3rd party who got them from Walmart.
  19. How did it get damaged? Do you have a before and after pic? This has always concerned me when sending in cards.
  20. When I was doing a bulk order, I had a few hiccups after a certain number of cards and had to close the browser. My submission form picked up where I left off. There is no easy way to input cards or shortcuts that I know of. I do know when doing some parallels/#'d cards of the same player, a lot of the stuff was easier to re-populate.
  21. My standard order that was delivered to CSG on May 10th, has been placed into 'receive' status as of today. So, I assume the 47 day window starts now?
  22. PSA is still 2 months backed up on Express, 4 months on Regular and 9 months on Economy & Value. We'll see if they make it up by July, with 10 business days left in June.
  23. 130pt shows raw sales between $3 and $15. Today a PSA 10 went for $230 and the PSA 9 went for $39. SGC 9 went for $34.
  24. Registered mail has control logs and goes human-to-human. It's possible the package had to go back to a PO so the control log could be signed by anyone who touched the registered mail. It's also possible the one PO didn't have a secure safe so it was forwarded to the other PO.