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  1. I can not reveal my source at risk of my source no longer being my source (if they got burned). But the Hugh signing is supposed to take place prior to the 50th Wolverine signing event.
  2. I have it on good authority that Hugh will be signing this month. My source is very very reliable.
  3. If CGC had any pull with CA -- They'd get something in blood and stone from HUGH JACKAMN and commit him to appear with the big 50th Anniversary group signing with Miller and Claremont etc
  4. S-Man -- they've told me multiple different dates multiple times for multiple excuses. Mostly they throw Celebrity Authentics under the bus and say it's their problem and that CGC is absolved of any responsibility in the matter. All I know - I sent my book to CGC. CGC took my money. CGC isn't compensating anyone for the excessive delays. CGC isn't communicating with their customers about it in any professional manner - I mean just post an update once in a while "we apologize for the continued delay...". CGC won't allow me to have the book sent to other signings while they have possession of it. It's just locked away in the Hugh Jackman closet. So, I'm just wanting to know when he's coming out of the closet. (lol)
  5. There used to be a thread here and I can't find it anymore. It's been over a year. No updates from CGC - just passing the back to Celebrity Authentics. In the mean time, I've missed the opportunity to get my Woverine #1 signed my Miller, Claremont. - Twice !! Honestly -- CGC should cancel the signing and resolicit the event if it ever gets scheduled again.
  6. My submission date had a birthday yesterday. Jan 10, 2023 FFS
  7. It's booked through CELEBRITY AUTHENTICS who have a history of writing proverbial cheques they can't cash. The group gets an extremely flexible agreement from a celebrity / athlete etc, not much more than a handshake, really. But their time does get booked and confirmed with their agent/manager, so typically this means it will happen. It's just not a priority - and the level of BS excuses we get as the fan/consumer is terrible. Personally, I don't believe this will happen in February either. They've clearly booked the time with Jackman as a charity event to satisfy some of his tax deduction/offset obligations.
  8. MIKE ZECK is appearing (or scheduled to appear) at SUPANOVA in Melbourne and Brisbane Australia in April 2024. I don't think CGC has any Australian connections unfortunately for me :-(
  9. What the frack! Seriously! There’s likely no better time to get Hugh Jackman in to sign comic books than right now while there’s an ongoing actors strike. He’s out there posting social media pics of himself doing the most mundane stuff. Why isn’t someone confirming him or canceling him for this signing?! CGC has taken my money, I’m not earning any interest on it, I can’t spend it on something else, etc. (it’s just the principle, really). AND I’ve missed a Frank Miller and a Chris Claremont signing for the same book while it’s been in cold storage at cgc. Very annoying.
  10. Still no activity from old Hugh Jackman, He keeps posting stupid on Facebook showing how much free time he has. Sure wish someone would wrangle him to do this signing we paid for in good faith in advance.
  11. My (ex)wife and I were at his San Francisco show in 2011(?). I left the show at the encore to get near front of line for the "leaving" signing he was going to do. Before he came out, they announced "Hugh will sign one item and the Playbill but will not pose for photos" -- my wife desperately wanted a photo. As he came to us (we were maybe the 5th or 6th person), he'd already said NO to two photo requests -- so he got to us and (I'm Australian) I asked "hey mate, any way for a pic with my wife - we're all the way from Tasmania...". He gave me an eye roll look and a smile "okay - real quick - Tassie is pretty far away". As the photo was taken, the crowd started to stir up, so he announced "no - they were from Tasmania!" -- then some woman way in the back screamed "I'm from Darwin!!", so he called her up, took a few pictures with a few others and then called security in to calm the rush. So, Hugh will always be a top pick for me when it comes to "cool celebs". --- But he's testing my patience with this friggin' cgc signing....
  12. There's no way DOWNEY is signing for $370 today. Even if they managed to schedule him he'd be around $1,000 each sig. I know you've got a "deposit" but it won't mean spit.
  13. Alex Ross probably saw my name and didn't sign my books. "I'm not signing books for that !!!" LOL
  14. Seriously -- any update on this? There's a writers strike -- it's not like the guy is working right now.
  15. Hey -- hear those crickets chirping...?
  16. I agree. CGC needs to own their work, accept ownership of previous 9.8 grades, etc. If a book is merely cracked and signed -- then slabbed -- it should get the same grade as it came in with. If the book is submitted with a request for pressing as well as a signature - it should be graded again. Only people hoping up the grade are paying for pressing. It makes ZERO sense books get downgraded.
  17. Oh -- no one posted this because a signed and 9.8 graded copy of this was a free give away if you sent in more than 5 books. ;-)
  18. yeah - I bought a set of the 9.8 graded covers -- hoping a future CGC event will allow me to get them cracked and signed
  19. I don't understand why BLACK is the go to marker. It looks terrible on most covers. The SIGNATURE TEAM at cgc should be a little more aware of their surroundings - when they present the book to the person signing, cgc should have a recommended marker in-hand. I know these people sign thousands of books in hours -- but the consumer is paying good money and often the result is sub-par because of the color of ink - a tiny bit of extra effort Just my opinion, your mileage may vary
  20. I know, right ! So much for the "chain of custody" argument. I bought a Spider-Man book this year from the JSC booth - doing just that. Never even met JSC. Now the "Chain of Custody" people will say "the book never left the business" or some b.s. like that. It's all just random made-up-on-the-fly rules to add a perceived value to the yellow label. The frustrating thing is, CGC breaks their own rules all the time -- but given a situation like this where Alex Ross sold books from his store with COAs -- it just seems less of a "rule break" --- it's more of a "this is okay, because...1 2 and 3 are met..." I had books signed by Neal Adams for years at conventions -- then I found out the Neal Adams store could submit books to CGC and I didn't have to wait for signing events or witnessed signings etc. So I literally sent a decade worth of signed books to the NA store - they sent them in to CGC. BAM! done. I had signed NA books submitted by his store AFTER he died. Crazy! But we can't submit COA Alex Ross books to CGC....?! Dumb
  21. I think you're missing my point deliberately - because you've drunk the CGC yellow KoolAid. Alex Ross, like many many others, is authorized to witness their own signature. By having Alex look at a COA accompanied book from his store -- he's not simply verifying the signature as authentic -- the COA does that -- he's verifying that he WITNESSED it. Nothing else factors in. If I'm at a convention and I have a witness with me when a book gets signed, it gets put into a bag and sealed. Lets suppose one book in my stack gets missed. Simple human error. So I present my books to the CGC booth later in the day and we discover one book not bagged. CGC would call the witness over and he'd verify he was the witness for that signing and all is good. The heavens don't crack open and start raining blood - CGC simply knows it's all legit and the integrity of their Yellow Label brand is intact. The same here. COA accompanied books sent to artists/writers who CGC have authorized to witness their own signature - should be allowed.
  22. But the completely made up "chain of custody" is indeed protected by the enclosed coa WHEN Alex Ross verifies the signature of the ARStore book is his. Alex not verifying his own signature accompanied by his own COA in the affirmative completely invalidates all COAs he's ever sold. The YELLOW LABEL is for a "witnessed" signature - and since Ross is allowed to witness his own signature -- AR Store Book + AR self witnessed Signature + COA + Alex Ross @ CGC event verifying = Everything Is Okay with the CGC Police and their completely made up rules they bend and flex all the time. CGC and Alex Ross are just leaving money on the table by not allowing this. For Alex - its a double cash grab. He got money for the original Store book signature and now he gets it again and doesn't even have to sign the book. It'd be funny to submit one to get signed -- the Yellow Label with a Green Qualified banner --- "SIGNED BY ALEX ROSS ON date AND NAME 'ALEX ROSS" WRITTEN ON COVER IN IDENTICAL MANNER TO ALEX ROSS' WITNESSED SIGNATURE ACCOMPANIED BY COA FROM ALEX ROSS" LOL
  23. Q to CGC -- so ALEX ROSS is authorized by CGC to witness his own signature (and submit books to get slabbed then sell at his store) -- can we submit books to this CGC signing event that Alex Ross signed & sold through his store with a COA or sold through Dynamic Forces etc with a COA ? It just seems counter intuitive that ARoss can sign a stack of books while watching television in his loungeroom, have one of his art agents, or other assistants pack and mail the books to CGC for slabbing - and yet something the consumer of Alex Ross' own online store has paid a premium for (a certified signature with a COA) - can't find a way to be "verified / witnessed" at the CGC signing.and have these books slabbed. I'm not talking about random books signed at a convention etc -- just the books signed by Ross, with a COA, that Ross charged a premium for at retail. A simple note on the yellow label "signature with COA - VERIFIED by Alex Ross on date" would maintain the integrity of the Signature Series program.
  24. Yeah -- FANTASTIC cover and wrap around.!!