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  1. I’ve had confirmation it’s to do with edits to the submission - all been worked on.
  2. This has just happened on mine today - I was SFG and now I am back to Received - I panicked thinking its not moving.
  3. Hello! I’ve opened up a Middleman Service based in the UK - happy to help out you in this situation. AlbertGrading.co.uk
  4. Hi All. I sent a small Economy Sub from the UK. Dates: Shipped: 4th April Received: 6th April Scheduled for Grading: 7th April In Grading: 8th April Grading Quality Control:11th April Shipped: 12th April 4 working days! Amazing.
  5. Yeah I agree! It will take a while for me to be established but I think it could be worth it to get a UK person approved by CSG. There are a few middlemen working in the UK which aren’t approved by the relevant companies they use. Something to aim for! 👍🏼
  6. Hi @northkorea- thank you for your response. I have taken it upon myself to offer this service to the Sports Cards community and I am currently doing a test Sub. Fingers crossed it goes well!
  7. Hi All, Are there any UK Middlemen for CSG? Thanks, Chris.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to the group and wanted to find out if anyone here is from the UK and has submitted to CSG before. Just trying to weigh up my first submission as I really like the CGC grading scale (Pokemon Cards) and want to send some off however believe there are some higher costs for International Return shipping, which is expected. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Chris.
  9. That is amazing - thank you. Where are their Grading offices based?
  10. Hello, I am wondering if CGC grade Sporting Cards, Such as Football (Soccer), NBA, NFL - I know these sometimes have Autographs on too. Many thanks, Chris