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  1. My #1 which is signed by Joe on the case itself. Saw him speak at Strongsville Ohio library when his book Horns came out (2011). Joe hates graded comics.. Hence his "Let this comic breathe" statement.
  2. And similar pricing because obviously, the lowest priced books will sell first. There are quite a few of these graded so it should be interesting. lol!
  3. Thank you my friend NEG! Can you believe it? It's been years since I have posted here, obviously they reset everything of mine including my user name and -0- posts. lol! Oh well... I'm still around and going to get back into comics for a bit... I still have long boxes full of raw so some grading will be done...
  4. I'm excited too! It's been a long time coming. First episode due December 31st of this year on Netflix!
  5. I'm hoping it does well and heats up... I have a group of Dark Tower Gunslinger series that I've saved... original purchases. This was the series that got me back into comic collecting again.
  6. So where is all the CPG love these days?
  7. Jeremy's new 2013 sketchbook will be available at C2E2 this weekend! Yippee! 2013 Sketchbook
  8. Thanks Cheryllnn, I bought your Pook off the bay!! The pictures don't do it justice, it is so cool. I meant to PM but my little brain couldn't retain it long enough for me to act. :: I thought it was someone here on the Boards! I hope you/she enjoys it!
  9. Very nice! Great idea to have one created for your daughter.
  10. Purchased this Portrait edition from Jeremy's online store. It has the teal logo, although hard to see Commissioned sketch from Jeremy - London convention - love it!
  11. Brian: I will take one as well if you have any remaining! Merry Christmas everyone!
  12. KYLE Those are fabulous! Really love them. Nice add to your super collection!
  13. I love both of those BCC sketches. Jeremy has SOME imagination!!!
  14. You're welcome Kyle! Enough money has passed between our hands over the years. Glad to help you complete your unstamped set.
  15. Sales thread up and going... Have #1 first print, #1 4th prints (two available) and a special Test Stamp Copper-colored logo #1 first print for sale. Cheryllynn's sales thread
  16. I will have a few CPG items for sale in the Copper/Modern age late tonight or tomorrow morning including a 1st print you may not want to miss. Take a peek!
  17. Jeremy drew this last year at the Cherry Capital Con. I probably shared it then too but it is one of my favorites of those that I own.
  18. HI KYLE! One item I picked up was the one-off print that OP had on eBay. Was thinking about the Little Nemo print but it was bid on so I opted for this one instead. And I especially liked the fact that this print is one part of six "blow-up" prints that Century Guild did for the November 2011′s Grand Guignol exhibition for Jeremy - all from a work entitled: “The Last Witch’s Head at the Wall of Man’s Demise”. Last Witch's Head print Hopefully the other items I purchased will be shipped next week. Stay tuned.
  19. Have a few CPG items up for auction on eBay, including the sketch SS 9.8 in my signature line! PM me if interested and I'll direct you in the right place. These are a trade-off for a few items I purchased recently that are one-offs. More to come...
  20. If you are on Facebook, you could "friend" him and message him there.
  21. LOVE THEM! Knew about The Shining, but not the other. They are fantastic!