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  1. Terry Austin: Submitted beginning of January for end of January deadline. Signing was on 3/1, got it back a week ago. So, 3 months after signing (pressing included).
  2. Good chance. All I could find on any of the artwork was a two-initial monogram. Maybe email them photos and see what he says.
  3. I definitely understand your issue, but they do warn you it's all at the artist's discretion. In this case i wonder if he was only using a black pen and he felt this placement would show up better.
  4. My comic book arrived today. It looks pretty good. I have very few comics and this is my first slabbed one, but overall I'm happy with 9.6 on a comic book that was bought 39 years ago, put in a plastic sleeve, and then stored with my others for almost four decades. The George Perez signing (and the Terry Austin one) got me to rediscover my small stack of comics all these years later. I just realized...this is a double charitable issue. The comic proceeds went to fight drug abuse and the special label proceeds went to GP and family. 🙂
  5. Mine flipped at the end of the week to grading/encapsulation. I had requested pressing so we'll see what eventually arrives.
  6. 12,000 ?! I had no idea. No wonder GP backed out.
  7. They really have to fast track (unofficially or otherwise) SS so that people can resubmit for additional signatures if the opportunity arises. I'm still waiting for a status update from my Terry Austin that was signed in the first week of March, but I hope/assume things will move quickly once the updates start. Still, a seller on Canada has had his books from the same signing out on ebay for over a week. 🤔 I also hope/expect that grades from the scuttled George Perez will also be expedited.
  8. They apparently missed my email reply from last week as they emailed me yesterday asking for my option. I replied again (option 1) and today the status went from "received at CCS" to "scheduled for grading". Not sure where the pressing occurs or if that's already done, but things seem to be moving.
  9. Thx for the info. I did ask for pressing. I actually have very few comic books but some that I have are a run of "The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones", and Terry Austin did a great cover for issue #1. So, I sent that one. I know that most people know him from his later works, since that comic didn't even make it into the brief bio that CGC included on the email announcing his signing. It's a sentimental favorite of mine partly because back when it was issued I wrote to him to tell him how much I liked the cover and he sent me what was essentially a hand drawn recreation of Indiana Jones from the cover.
  10. Many thanks for the obnoxious reply. 😀 This was my first signing, so I'm not entirely sure how these work. Based on your snarky response I now assume that Austin was a one day event, so it's over and done... Since that was 11 days ago I might have expected some kind of status update if the comic was passed along to the next step in the process. I guess as one helpful member posted some weeks ago, its best to just forget about the timeframe and the comic book will show up as a pleasant surprise one day I the next few months.
  11. I saw a tweet from cgc that suggested the 2022 private signing with Terry Austin happened on 3/5. Any confirmation of this? The status of my order hasn't changed.
  12. I got the email on Feb 19 but did not get around to responding until today. I was going to ask for it to be returned raw, but then I saw the horror show reported by the member above. So, I went for option 1, grading, supposedly the pressing I ordered originally, and the label. The raw comic is essentially worthless but I figured it will make a nice memento. Also, my "B" number is different than those stated by other members. My personal details (name, order number, etc.) do not appear in the email, so I assume they track by the B number.
  13. Maybe the planned "signature" label wouldn't be possible or practical, but if they honored him with a special memorial label offered for these submissions only, I'd be OK with paying the grading and label fees and return postage (but obviously not the signature fee).
  14. My primary concern is with GP and his family, of course, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was very disappointed in spending the money to send the comic book and presumably have it shipped back unsigned. Should be about $30 in my case. 😞 My comic book in reality has no real value without the signature. I was expecting a long wait as it was. Maybe they should never have even attempted the final private signing.
  15. I'm sure CGC is holding its breath hoping the plans can get back on track. It would be a logistical nightmare otherwise. This was my second submission ever, almost back-to-back with my first one, which is still in process as well. I am hoping for the best for GP for him and his family. But, given the circumstances, I'm not sure how much leeway he'll have.
  16. First time submitter for signed comic books, one each to Terry Austin and George Perez. Both had due dates near the end of January, but when are the actual signings? Curious about actual signings so I can estimate the turnaround time. Thx!