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  1. All-Star Western 105 is very difficult to find in nice condition. It was absolutely beautiful - thanks very much!
  2. Just to close this out, my books arrived today and all is well. Thanks, Mark and all! Tom
  3. I have some hopefully good news. It looks like he shipped the book today, so I hope this ends well. I now he does a lot of selling here, and that;s why I was so surprised. Thanks to all! Tom
  4. I'm not a very frequent fuser of these boards, so I hope I am posting this to the right place. I would like to nominate Kramerica to the Probation List. Here are the details: - on 7/20/14 I received his acknowledgement of my offer to buy his Rip Hunter #7 posted on the Gold/Silver Age Boards; - also on 7/20 I paid for the book via PayPal; - on 8/5 I inquired about the status, since I had received nothing - on 8/6 I received a reply apologizing and saying that he had just found a job after 2 years and had been working very hard. "I plan to rectify that this Saturday so look for an email with tracking info sent to your email address later that day." I said okay, and good luck. - By 8/25 I had received no email with any tracking info nor a package. I inquired again. - I then received another response: "I apologize and you're right. I won't offer you excuses either. But I will promise you that I will ship your order on Saturday the moment I get back in town. I know it's taking ages but I promise to honor our transaction. I'll touch base again Friday when I have a tracking number for you - I'll package it up Friday night and take it to the PO first thing Sat." - but nothing happened. - on 9/6 I inquired yet again, and have received no answer. Thanks for your help, Tom
  5. Rip Hunter, Time Master #7 8.0 Toth art (OSPG: $66.00) $45.00