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  1. Update. I was able to shame the retailer who owed me the books with this thread. He sent me the books the next day after all this time. About a week and a half ago I shipped everything to @Max Carnage (David) and he informed me he's received everything in the UK. He's also settled up with me for shipping $$$ due for both shipments so nothing is owed to either us.
  2. Great to hear from you Rupp. Maybe one day I'll come back but things have changed around here. Some of the personalities I was dealing with were beginning to grind as well (and still do), and to be frank I was done with it. Having people order direct from the beachbumcomics website is just easier to deal with, especially when fulfilling orders. I'm not perfect, no one is, but I always strived with the customer service. The non-stop exclusives and variants are annoying now. To be honest, I think ASM 793 - 801, then #1 broke me lol - All the variants and exclusives that all the spider-man collectors ordered, it was nuts keeping track of everything through the PMs.
  3. Hey guys, There’s a lot involved here and it involves a lot of different moving parts. I just emailed David again. We are in the process of moving offices literally right now as well. (Took possession yesterday) David was sent all his outstanding CGC last summer (Large box) except one that wis mis-placed and sets of CGC books that were delayed because we never received asm 800 Dell’Ottos from Scott’s Collectables that were meant for blue label submission and while they rectified the situation with me, we arranged to send David a signed Dell’Otto 9.8 set (Free at our own expense). David also ordered a walking dead 193 sdcc 9.8 at that time that is here. The misplaced book was resubbed (we later found it anyway) and his ASM 800 blue labels book are here as well. David lives in England, and it was just a matter of shipping everything remaining at once when we had everything together. We also have a situation with another retailer that owes us Raw books that were never sent that will complete his raw order, and David is now aware of it. I am not going to throw this retailer under the bus but I have the text messages that show we have been vigorously trying to get the books in to complete David’s raw book order. Once we have those books we will ship everything out, or if David wishes I will remove that portion from his order and refund the difference and get the shipment out. I am not here on the boards really anymore. It became more and more difficult to continue business here and I was constantly being ghosted and people weren’t paying for pre-orders. If you have anything outstanding please contact us and we will pull it. (Especially international combined shipping).There are some people that just straight up disappeared and we have boxes of slabs sitting here waiting for them. Dre
  4. J. Scott Campbell June 2019 Fan CGC Signing Event It is our pleasure to announce that BeachBum Comics will be facilitating a J. Scott Campbell Fan Signing event in June 2019 for CGC Signature Series. There will only be 200 books accepted for this event, first come, first serve. Please note Scott will not be set up this coming weekend at MegaCon, but I will be there all four days, and can arrange to meet anyone who wishes to drop off their books with me personally. At the request of JSC LTD this is a fan only event at their facility, so no dealer, or facilitator books will be accepted. Please contact info@beachbumcomics.com if you'd like to take part in this signing event! Complete details can be found at the following link: J. SCOTT CAMPBELL JUNE 2019 SIGNING EVENT
  5. The interesting thing I've noticed is that his unsigned/signed prices are very close on the web store. Take his menu for the recent Captain Marvel release - "Cover A: Current Costume, limited to 2,800 copies Cover B: Warbird costume w/sash, limited to 2,300 copies Cover C: Golden Era, limited to 1,250 copies Cover D: Binary, limited to 1,250 copies Cover E: Fighter Pilot, limited to 1,250 copies Options: Cover A - unsigned / SIGNED ($15 / $20) SAVE! Set A & B (2 books) - unsigned / SIGNED ($40 / $50) ULTRA Set A, B, C, D & E (5 books) - unsigned / SIGNED ($145 / $185)" At these prices his A & B books were $5 more each signed, and the C, D, E, were $10 more each signed. Each signed book is shipped with a nice COA and in mylar/full back or half back so there is a production/material cost in that sig fee. Now on the flip side I was shocked when the Artgerm Captain Marvel #1 was released on their web store, and the A & B set was $45 unsigned, but the raw signed set was $85! Wow, $20 each sig! Even the solo A cover is $14.99 unsigned, $35.99 signed (a $21 sig fee). Artgerm charges $20 for CGC at his table, and $10 for regular if I'm correct. So now you have raw books being signed and sold at CGC tax prices on the website. I hope that was a mistake with their launch and not a trend. Seems excessive.
  6. I agree with most of what @RockMyAmadeus has to say but I think some of it is off-base because Campbell doesn't have a rep from what I can tell. I think the individuals that have gotten into the ears of some creators for their own benefit have caused a lot of damage. Signature fees have escalated rather quickly over the last few years because of a few people who were in it for themselves, enticing artists at times with signing bonuses, then taking 25% - 50% off the top of signature fees and sales at shows. Because of this, you now have creators who look across the aisle at shows and see random B & C level writers and artists who never charged for a signature now charging $15 - $25 for a signature. Those "A" level artists & creators that were once happy charging $5 - $10 for their signature, regardless if it was going to CGC, are now in the $20 - $40 realm, just because the other guy is doing it. Campbell has been charging for his sig at shows for years, if its trending up now it's because of the others who are charging, not because of him trying to gouge the consumer. I'm not happy with the current state of things. Something else though to keep an eye out for though, the appearance fees and demands these reps have been asking show promoters for. I think that's the next shoe to drop.
  7. Captain Marvel #1 J. Scott Campbell Edition Cover E - Fighter Pilot (4 available) $180 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $225 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  8. Captain Marvel #1 J. Scott Campbell Edition Cover D - Binary (4 available) $180 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $225 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  9. Captain Marvel #1 J. Scott Campbell Edition Cover C - Golden Era (4 available) $180 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $225 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  10. Captain Marvel #1 J. Scott Campbell Edition Cover B - Warbird (4 available) $135 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $175 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  11. Captain Marvel #1 J. Scott Campbell Edition Cover A (4 available) 3 LEFT! $95 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $135 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  12. I hope everyone had a great Holiday and are enjoying the New Year. I've been moving more and more to my website based sales system but I will continue to periodically offer board members here first shot at limited items when I can, before offering on the website. If you're looking for anything else I would ask that you sign up for the newsletter on the website so you don't miss out on anything that pops up there. Due to the rules here on the boards you can't list anything for sale here that you have listed elsewhere at the same time. Example - I'm currently offering blue labels and SS on Detective 1000 on the website, but since I'm already selling there I won't be selling them here. So again, sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss out. Due to high demand on all the JSC Captain Marvel covers, even the A & B, I will have a very limited amount of these for sale at this time. Payment by PayPal or CC. All Domestic orders up to $100 and all international orders will pay shipping based on package weight. All Domestic Orders over $100 will get the same free shipping as regular website orders. Normal rules apply, no Probies or HOSers, or people I decide not to sell to. Everything I sell is in my possession or allotted to me at the time sale. No returns. If there's some issue with damage during shipping I will work it out. 9.9 and 10.0 upgrades will be offered to buyers in order of purchase in the sales thread. I will personally be pre-screening these books as usual. These books have not yet been evaluated by CGC - If for some reason (print run, etc) I can not provide a CGC 9.8 you will be issued a full refund.
  13. Don't you think Marvel wants to make their cut on this as well? Again, I would just reach out to Marvel. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to discuss, especially with you. Merry Christmas.
  14. Lol - you're always a piece of work. And how do I know? Why don't you contact Marvel directly (editorial or the department that handles the retailer variant program). I'm sure they'll be happy to take the time to discuss such things as per book cost if you ask nicely.
  15. uh, actually it does. Marvel scales cost vs. print run in most cases.
  16. All six UXM books had a print run of 2300 each Captain Marvel - Cover A: Current Costume, limited to 2,800 copies Cover B: Warbird costume w/sash, limited to 2,300 copies Cover C: Golden Era, limited to 1,250 copies Cover D: Binary, limited to 1,250 copies Cover E: Fighter Pilot, limited to 1,250 copies A is a traditional print run, B is lower, but C through E are practically half the run of the UXM set. There's the reason for the price difference. You're paying an extra $105 unsigned for C - E in the five cover set, which is $35 per book.
  17. When did it go in effect in New York state? I can't see where it started for them - https://taxfoundation.org/post-wayfair-options-for-states/
  18. Uncanny X-Men #1 J. Scott Campbell F Exclusive - Beast & Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) (5 available) $110 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $150 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  19. Uncanny X-Men #1 J. Scott Campbell E Exclusive - Rogue & Gambit (5 available) $110 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $150 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked
  20. Uncanny X-Men #1 J. Scott Campbell A Exclusive - Psylocke & Archangel (5 available) $110 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked $150 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked