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  1. That is awful, sorry you experienced that. Literally never sending my cards over again, we need like video evidence of the cards they grade because all these cases are very sus.
  2. Yea exactly my thoughts. My card should be a 10. Seems like population report. I was so high on CGC but most likely will just send this elsewhere, maybe it'll get treated with some respect.
  3. The mark was 100% on the card. I reached out to CGC customer service and was offered $20 credit. Not even enough to send the card in to be regraded with subgrades lol. Any who, I cracked the slab and wiped the mark right off. So sad, it was probably what stopped my card from receiving a 10. all subgrades were 10's besides the surface of a 9, I'm assuming because of the random smudge CGC put on it.
  4. Hi, I would appreciate any help if possible. I recently submitted some cards and one of my cards came back different from what I sent. Very strange. Seems to have a new mark/finger print, which was not there when I sent. Please advise on how to fix. I am attaching photos, and I also have videos of me packaging and showing all aspects of the card before sending it off. Best, Christian
  5. Hi all, I sent my first submission to CGC, and I was curious if anyone else had concerns about the surface sub grade on cards. I submitted an umbreon vmax alternate art. All other sub grades were 10, and the surface was a 9… Card was extremely clean, does this happen if like maybe I like finger prints or anything on the card? Or is it like manufacturing defects? Just curious if anyone is experiencing the same thing. Thank you! Christian