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  1. Thanks a ton for your reply Axelrod. The more research I do the more I'm realizing that there really isn't anything on the market that does what I need.... which is really surprising. I'd be happy spending good money on a good piece of software but from what I'm seeing non exists. It either isn't made simple, doesn't offer prices, doesn't support mobile devices or requires you to constantly re-subscribe every time you want to access your collection. There is definitely room for someone to take over this area of the market if they could make an intuitive and comprehensive piece of software that doesn't try to nickel and dime you for life.
  2. Hey folks, I've been a comic collector for a long time but I stopped many years ago. I'm just now getting ready to go through thousands of my old books in the hopes of cataloging them and am trying to determine what is the best piece of software to do so. There seems to be a lot of options out there right now making it hard to decide what my best bet is. I would love something that will allow me easily scan the barcodes rather than entering everything manually. Something that will automatically add values and has the option for grade input. I only want to do this once so using something well established with the ability to backup the database is a must. The idea is to decide what I want to keep, what is worth having graded and what I want to sell. I've searched around for this information but didn't have any luck. I'd really appreciate any insight you kind folks might have to offer. Thanks!