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  1. My cards shipped since I said to send the Metal cards back. Out of 75 cards: 10s - 5 9.5s - 28 9s - 34 I have to inspect one of my Charizard VSTARs though it had 9.5,10,10,7 not sure what the issue with the surface was.
  2. Damn. For Bulk orders with sub grades, that's essentially a 20% increase per card. A 50 card order goes from $1250 to $1500.
  3. Correct. Mine should like be changing to shipping today since I said to just send the metal cards back.
  4. After speaking with customer service, I'm just going to have them send my 4 metal cards back un-graded so that I can receive my other 75 graded/encapsulated cards back. I'll send the metal cards back in once they resume grading them as it does't look like there is a concrete date/plan and these could be held up for months.
  5. I didn't realize they had been paused. There is no warning when adding them to an order. I submitted 79 bulk cards including 4 metal cards on 5/17. Order changed to grading/encapsulation on Friday the 5/20 but haven't seen any updates yet and no grades have been posted on the tracking page for any of the cards.
  6. I just had a quick question about the submission status page. I submitted 79 card bulk order with sub grades. It currently shows "Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging". Will they update that page with the grades/subgrades of each one as they grade them, or will it only update all at once when it finally ships back to me?