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  1. I know it is difficult to tell surface condition through a picture but I would think the way the scale works you wouldnt be able to tell much difference between 10-8. But a 6 should be obvious given For a grade of 6, centering may be no worse than 75/25. No more than one “dinged” corner is allowed or no more than two of the following flaws: two or three fuzzy corners, slightly rough edges or noticeable print spots. A moderate diamond cut is allowed, and wax staining on the front is acceptable
  2. The point of the post was I was wanting people to see damage on the card, and let me know what I'm missing, because i dont see a 6. Only way i see a 6 is by mistake or being graded by expensive computer (but not real "AI") compaing the card to a yellow refractor (non auto).... So far the only real damage was major roller marks, which I'm not completely sure about. Roller marks (to me) are lines where the rollers move across a sheet. This card doesnt have those so, Im assuming he is referring to the textured appearance. Something similar to if a paint roller is low on paint, it will pull up some wet paint leaving it with an orange pull/textured look. I pictured that on the back left (where major marks were) on both a 10 & 6 and they are identical, so guessing that wasn't it.
  3. It's good to see you do believe mistakes can be made on the grades. Now you just need to see that it can happen in both directions.
  4. OR...... As their grading scale explains its right where it should be, it didnt get a 9 because it has "the spot" and the specks unlike the bowman card, which has a few specks. If the card deserved a 6, I'd like to know why so I and avoid a similar problem in the future. Purpose of post..... However, a few specks can cause a grade of 5 is untrue, unless I ding 3 of the 4 corner trying to wipe them off.
  5. If that is the case.....how is it Luka can get a 8.5 with a 5x the number of print specks/spots and lines (red). Not to mention the wonderful (blue) crater.
  6. Not sure exactly what you are referring to, with the roll marks assuming the textured look pictured on 2 cards one graded a 6 other a 10. Tjay said I know there are a few (what I call) specks on the card. I never claimed it was free of flaws. I believe it was/is a 9 which.... a small number of specks or one minor spot or surface defect is allowed....
  7. Are these the type of marks you are referring to?
  8. I believe what your seeing on the back is just the way the sleeve is in the slab. I would send it to Topps, but I'm struggling see a reason it doesnt meet their standards. I don't grade cards as an occupation, so looking for the knowledge as to what I'm missing that caused my pre-grade to miss by 3-3.5
  9. I'm guessing, chubby fingers caused it. Customer service gave me a automated email about how cards are graded. It's a 2022 pack pulled card. If it was a 6 and not a 9 I would've contacted topps and gambled on a replacement. With this card Topps would likely say the card meet 8+ standard... the grader is the issue tell me how PSA lowered their prices.
  10. What am I missing?? 69 card bulk order most grades were with in .5 of the expected grade and all were with in 1...... except this guy... I'm not sure on the reasoning.... I might be overlooking it but I would think it would slap me in the face given the grade.